Top Graphic Designers in New York City

Top Graphic Designers in New York, NY

Graphic designers make digital message, so customers comprehend a company’s values in New York City. Graphic design uses visual imagery, ideas, language, and logos to communicate.

Design has many benefits. Consumers love to choose organizations that show professionalism. Having professional-looking photos sends a message.

We ranked the best graphic designers in New York City who create brand-building images. Case studies, project kinds, and client reviews might help you pick a new company. Choose a business partner by average rates, size, reviews, and portfolio.

List of the Best Graphic Design Companies in NYC





North Street Creative exceeded expectations by providing structure, stability, and insights to our marketing approach. This New York-based design agency helps brands drive change. Read More


2. Logo Design NYC



Logo Design NYC

Logo Design NYC is a design firm situated in New York City that serves companies of all sizes. It has designed logos for brands all across the world since its founding in 2007. It collaborates closely with clients to create an individual visual identity for each. Read More







It’s a multidisciplinary design studio based in New York City that develops memorable digital goods and experiences. They interact with a diverse group of forward-thinking clients to turn concepts into amazing products. They provide a clear scope of work and build powerful experiences from conception to design to development. Read More


4. Alfalfa Studio | NYC


Alfalfa Studio


Graphic design is the focus of Alfalfa Studio, which can be found in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. Branding, website design, and visual communication across several platforms are some of our company’s areas of expertise. Read More


5. Starfish | NYC





Starfish is a New York branding, marketing, and design. It helps clients market employing physical and digital branded materials. Starfish designs web pages for customers to showcase their businesses. Graphic design for social media and display ads is also available. Starfish creates logos and consults on brand identity. Read More




Greybox Creative, which has worked with firms such as Novo Nordisk and others, helps brands adapt to changing markets through skilled branding design. This New York-based agency places a strong emphasis on brand identity in order to assist brands attract their target audience. Read More


7. Animal | NYC





Animal is an independent creative agency focused on design and strategy that works with clients and create identities, advertising, films, events, websites, and content.  Read More







RXM Creative was established in New York City in 2013. Advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing are the specialties of the small team of fewer than ten individuals. They take pleasure in their strategy and innovation. Read More


9. Create Architecture Planning & Design, PLLC



Create Architecture Planning & Design PLLC, located in the New York metro area, offers a variety of design services to stores and other enterprises. Since our inception in 1997, we have been committed to providing high-quality architecture that meets our clients’ various needs. Read More


10. KWORQ | New York City





Companies like the NBA Players Association and Lokai rely on Kworq to raise awareness and engage their audiences. Kworq is a New York City-based Creative Agency. Their team of designers, strategists, and producers collaborate across sectors to develop high-quality graphic, video, and social media advertising. Read More


11. Forrest Solutions | NYC


Forrest Solutions





Forrest Solutions is a staffing firm in New York City that also does onsite outsourcing. In terms of outsourced workplace experience, Forrest Solutions is a market leader.  Read More


12. High Tide | NYC


High Tide



High Tide is a NYC-based graphic design and marketing agency. These firm designs website, marketing materials, and packaging. Consulting services include art direction, brand identity, and communications. Read More



13. Innofied | NYC

Innofied is a mobile app and game development firm based in Lower Manhattan that employs a UI/UX design team with over eight years of expertise designing workflow, teamwork, and other single-user and group solutions for online and mobile technologies. Read More



14. Logoworks | New York





Logoworks, based in New York, creates logos, websites, and graphics for a broad variety of clients. Our entire objective as an online graphic design studio is to make your brand seem amazing. That means economical, quick, and easy custom design. Our talented graphic designers have been wowing our clients with stunning images since 2001. Read More


15. Moment | NYC





Since 2002, Moment has served clients from its New York City location. The firm creates appealing ads that are intended to capture and hold the attention of the target audience for the client. Read More



16. Pulse Creative


Pulse Creative



Pulse Creative, based in the New York metro area, has been in operation since 2004. While this company provides a wide range of creative services, including video production, graphic design is at the heart of the company, and it provides the majority of standard services, such as design for 3D images and animations. Read More


17. TPG Architecture


TPG Architecture



TPG Architecture, located in New York City, was established in 1981 and specializes in developing interior settings that support our clients’ strategic goals. Our ability to stay agile, dynamic, flexible, and adaptable is critical to our practice’s success. Read More


18. Traffic | New York





Traffic is a graphic design company that has been operating in the New York metro area for almost 20 years. It is made up of a diverse team of creatives who work on projects for clients ranging from tiny enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Read More

19. Trekk | New York

Trekk, founded in 1995, offers B2B and B2C clients in NYC. Its design service offers websites, logos, branding, and social media ads. Tech, healthcare, and cultural activities are clients. The agency’s designers extract and mix styles, from quirky and fun to futuristic and colorful for Canon. Read More


20.  Zago | New York





Zago is a Brooklyn-based graphic design firm that works with for-profit and charity groups, as well as public and private entities, to promote activist causes. For advertising and outreach objectives, it manufactures banners, hanging posters, and outdoor displays. Read More

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