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470 Convent Avenue, Office 4 New York, NY 10031(212) 629-9550
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Alfalfa Studio

Alfalfa Studio, which focuses on graphic design and welcomes customers from all walks of life, can be found in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. Our company is skilled in a number of areas, including the branding of products, the design of websites, and visual communication across a variety of different media platforms, to name a few of those areas.


Alfalfa Studio

Design agency in New York City, New York

New York City is home to the Alfalfa Studio, a company that specializes in graphic design. Through the creation of logos and displays, the organization offers assistance to other businesses in the process of defining their visual identities. The production of advertising campaigns, publications, pictures, and videos are all areas in which the group works together. The hospitality, real estate, entertainment, and lifestyle industries are some of the ones that Alfalfa Studios caters to for their clientele.


Our approach is to streamline and improve upon the manner in which ideas are communicated. The creative contributions that Alfalfa Studio makes can be seen in a variety of spheres, including athletics, the arts, and the entertainment industry.



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Our Services:


  • Brand Development (Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity)
  • Design Magazine
  • Image Making
  • Visualization
  • Moving Image
  • Campaigning


What we do

Stories are what make us human.

Designing a new brand identity for a major sports club or creating an iconic logo to honor New York City’s thriving entertainment industry, our work serves as a form of visual storytelling that is:

  • Affordability, not some sort of esoteric mystery
  • Emotional and not clinical
  • Eager to experience what life has to offer, rather than being apathetic

For us, it’s all about how we can make the idea crystal clear and easy to understand while also creating something beautiful and unexpected in the design.



Contact Info:

  • Address: 470 Convent Avenue, Office 4
    New York, NY 10031
  • Phone: (212) 629-9550
  • Email:
  • Web:
  • Facebook: AlfalfaStudio


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