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19 W 44th St Fl 9 New York, NY 10036(212) 986-3600
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Forrest Solutions

Forrest Solutions is an employment agency based in New York City that also provides onsite outsourcing services. Forrest Solutions is the industry leader when it comes to workplace experiences that are outsourced.


Forrest Solutions | NYC

Companies in the retail, legal, financial, real estate, media, and professional services sectors are among those who can take advantage of the company’s graphic design outsourcing services.


Before the client receives onsite bespoke graphic design services, the client works with the company to determine the extent of the project. Through Forrest Solutions, clients have the option to employ expert graphic designers on a project-by-project, temporary, or direct-hire basis.


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WHY Choose Forrest Solutions | NYC


  1. How can companies use the office in a new way to improve culture and collaboration in the new business world?
  2. How can companies update their old ideas about the office so they can compete with the perks of working from home? How can they do this so well that the office actually attracts (and keeps) talent?
  3. The change to hybrid operations left a hole in terms of culture and working together.
  4. At the same time, law firms that force attorneys back into the office without making any changes risk losing up to 40% of their professionals.


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