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401 Broadway Suite 2116 New York, NY 10013212.380.1761
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DIGITALDESIGN.NYC is a design studio that works across multiple disciplines and has its headquarters in New York City. DD.NYC creates unique digital products and experiences.




They collaborate with a varied audience of forward-thinking customers to bring remarkable ideas to life through the goods that they create. They provide a detailed breakdown of the work to be done and construct dynamic experiences from the very beginning of the development process.


They take pride in the fact that their team of designers and developers comes from a variety of backgrounds, and that they are able to offer intelligent, user-centric design solutions by utilizing cutting-edge tactics and forthcoming technologies. They are a Women Owned and Operated Business (WBE-Certified in NYC) that is eager to create and develop new business relationships and are certified to do business in New York City.


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Our ground:

  • AGILE Technique,
  • Figma, Adobe, Sketch, and other top systems
  • WBE Certified in New York City
  • Clutch Top 40 De, 5-star
  • Ability to operate remotely.


What Makes Us Special?

  1. It is a New York City-based international firm that has won many awards.
  2. Our goal is to make digital products and experiences that have an effect.
  3. Our experienced team of designers knows how important it is to give a brand a unique style.
  4. We do everything from UI/UX development and app design to branding, packaging, and web design.
  5. Our goal is to make smart design solutions that focus on the customer.
  6. We are a Women Owned and Operated Business (WBE-Certified in NYC) that is excited to build and grow unique relationships in the market.


Contact Info:

  • Address: 401 Broadway Suite 2116
    New York, NY 10013
  • Phone:212.380.1761
  • Email:
  • Web:

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