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Logoworks, which has its headquarters in New York City, develops logos, websites, and graphics for a diverse range of customers. As an online graphic design firm, our primary goal is to make your brand appear as though it were of incredible quality. That translates to a cost-effective, speedy, and simple custom design. Since 2001, the creative graphic designers at our company have been blowing away our customers with the gorgeous graphics they create.

Logoworks | New York


We are Logoworks, a graphic design company that operates online and is based in North Carolina. Our clientele are located all over the world. We collaborate with a handpicked team of designers from all around the world that are committed to offering our customers designs of the highest possible caliber. Since we initially opened our doors twenty years ago, we have produced more than 300,000 logos for our more than 80,000 pleased customers, and we are just getting started.


Companies like iGo Outdoors, Women Enterprise Alliance, and Senior Siesta Latin Cuisine are just some of the clients that Logoworks has worked with to design logos and other advertising materials for their businesses.


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What we do


  1. Logoworks is a North Carolina-based internet graphic design studio with international clients.
  2. Highly talented designers from all over the world, carefully selected to work with us.
  3. Our company has been around for 20 years, and in that time we have created over 300,000 logos for 80,000+ satisfied clients.
  4. Do not be fooled by our name. Though we’re best known for our logo design services, we’re actually a comprehensive design firm that can assist you with anything from logos to infographics to brochures and beyond.


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