Top Courier Services in New York City

Top Courier Services in New York, NY

New York City courier firms specialize in express and door-to-door delivery. Most couriers in New York City will provide these services using their own vehicles, privately shared vehicles, or public transportation. Express delivery options, such as on-demand pick-up or time-definite delivery, are included.


List of Top Courier Services in NYC


The following is a list of New York City’s best and most well-known courier services. Based on this list of rating points, we’ve compiled a list of the best courier services near you in New York.


1. Premier Courier Services Inc.


Premier Courier Services Inc.


Since 1989, Premier Courier Services has provided professional messenger and delivery services to residents and companies throughout the greater New York City area. From letters and little packages to medical supplies and massive commercial freight, it handles it all. Read More


2. Active Transport Services Inc.

Active Transport Services Inc.



Active Transport has been New York’s same-day link to the business world for 30 years, giving fast messenger service and direct delivery to all commercial districts. We’ve won countless clients’ trust throughout the years. We’ve treated every job, from the smallest box to the greatest shipment, as the most important till the next. Read More


3. GFD Courier 


GFD Courier Service


GFD Courier Service is a New York-based courier company that has been giving excellent service for many years. GFD Courier has served New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut since 1990. Read More


4. LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC

LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC



LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC believes that by combining years of expertise in managing and maintaining courier organizations in both the public and private sectors with available technology, they have created a delivery agency that offers comprehensive courier services at competitive rates. Read More


5. Clementine Courier

Clementine Courier


Clementine Courier is comprised of a small, personable team of couriers that are trained and skilled in meeting strict time limitations. The organization serves both Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs by working diligently, intelligently, and together. Read More


6. CMS



CMS has now been carrying messages for more than 50 years and now provides a full range of logistical services to its clients, including trucking, facilities management, air freight services, and warehousing. Read More


7. Admiral Courier Services, Inc.

Admiral Courier Services, Inc.


Admiral Courier Services, Inc. provides round-the-clock service to a variety of sectors and businesses in the New York City metropolitan area. Admiral Courier Services, Inc., based in midtown Manhattan, provides same-day, on-demand courier and delivery services. Read More


8. Corporate Courier New York, Inc.


Corporate Courier New York, Inc.

Corporate Courier New York, Inc. offers bonded, insured, radio-dispatched delivery services, including super-rush. The organization emphasizes professionalism and provides delivery confirmation for time-sensitive tasks. Read More


9. Instant Messenger, Inc.

Instant Messenger, Inc.



Instant Messenger, Inc. provides New York City and the surrounding areas with messengers with years of local delivery experience. It is important to note that our messengers have extensive knowledge of NYC and its environs. They know all major NYC addresses’ mailroom and building security processes. Messengers have Nextel phones with US map software.¬† Read More



10. Joyce Expediting

Joyce Expediting



Joyce Expediting provides air and land courier services. We provide same day, late night, and air courier services. Joyce is a 50-year courier. Same-day and late-night delivery are our specialties. We’re air freight forwarders. We specialize in same-day air courier and air freight. Our customers can request weekend air freight and air courier services with short notice. Same for land courier and executive messenger.¬† Read More


11. RX2Go NYC, Inc.

RX2Go NYC, Inc.



RX2Go NYC Inc. is a pharmaceutical courier that pharmacies and hospitals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut trust. 24/7 dispatch, same-day, next-day, and time-window deliveries are available. Read More


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