LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC

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330 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018(212) 594-3001
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LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC


They believe that by combining their years of experience in managing and maintaining courier organizations in both the public and private sectors with the technology that is currently available, they have created a delivery agency that provides comprehensive courier services at rates that are competitive.


LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems, LLC


The difference between success and failure is how a company treats its customers. Their new business helps customers manage their accounts, from the first account creation to the final delivery verification, by utilizing the internet and two-way interactions via cellphones. Couriers who can be relied upon to uphold their commitments are united.


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Messenger Service, Rush Service, Van Delivery Service, Truck Delivery Service, Package Intercept, Time Service.



Why Choose Ruckus Marketing, LLC?

  1. Our rush delivery service ensures 90-minute zone delivery from order to delivery. Each extra zone requires 15 minutes.
  2. Significant effects are achieved.
  3. We use many tools to attain goals and improve transparency.
  4. From order to delivery within zone, our Rush delivery courier service promises under an hour. Each extra zone requires 10 minutes.

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