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Instant Messenger, Inc.


Instant Messenger, Inc. provides New York City and the surrounding areas with messengers with years of local delivery experience. It is important to note that our messengers have extensive knowledge of NYC and its environs. They know all major NYC addresses’ mailroom and building security processes. Messengers have Nextel phones with US map software.


It is essential to mention that our messengers have an in-depth familiarity with New York City and the surrounding areas. They are familiar with the mailroom and building security procedures at every significant NYC location. Messengers are equipped with Nextel phones that contain United States map software. Because of this program, we are able to track the positions of our couriers in real time.


Additionally, customers can take advantage of daily runs that are offered by couriers at a discounted rate. Customers have the ability to use the web services provided by Instant Messenger to check up signatures, track packages, place orders, and pay invoices.


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Why Choose Instant Messenger, Inc.?

  1. The central office takes responsibility for verifying the whereabouts of all messengers.
  2. Each messenger is equipped with a two-way radio, a cell phone, and a digital map, and their whereabouts is monitored by software that uses GPS.
  3. Customers who want to know where they are can do so by calling either the office or the messenger.
  4. With your tracking number, you can trace your package online at any time.
  5. While ordering, request a tracing email.
  6. Your essentials arrive safely and quickly.


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