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Clementine Courier


Clementine Courier is made up of a small and personal group of couriers that have had extensive training and are very experienced in the art of beating tight deadlines. By putting in hard work, using their heads, and cooperating with one another, the organization supports not only Manhattan but also the boroughs that surround it.


Over the years, they have garnered the trust of a huge number of clients and customers. They have approached each and every task, from the most minute parcel to the most substantial shipping, as though it were the most important one up to this point.


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Why Choose Clementine Courier?

  1. Clementine Courier has connected New York City to the world in one working day for 30 years.
  2. We serve same day to all business districts in New York.
  3. We accomplish each job before moving on.
  4. Our expertise, resources, and staff allow us to transport anything.
  5. We securely move anything. Simply put, tell us your problem.



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