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Joyce Expediting


The services of air and land couriers can be obtained through Joyce Expediting. Our courier services include same-day, late-night, and air delivery options.


Joyce has been a courier for the past 50 years. Our specializations include delivery on the same day and delivery till late at night. We are in the business of air freight forwarding. Our company specializes in providing both same-day air courier and air freight services. Our customers are able to make same-day or next-day service requests for weekend air freight and air courier assistance. The same applies to executive messengers and land couriers.


In addition to providing services for air courier and land courier, we also provide expedited freight and executive messenger delivery. There is always someone available to assist with event logistics and regional messenger service.


Users of JOYCE EXPEDITING who have active accounts are eligible for courier service around the clock. To have access to late-night, same-day, land, executive messenger, and air freight services, it is imperative that your company maintains an authentic account that has been cleared by security.



  • Air Courier Parcel
  • Air Freight
  • Trade Shows
  • Pouch Work
  • Same Day Courier
  • Land Courier
  • Late Night Courier
  • Weekend Services
  • Executive Messenger
  • Express Trucking
  • Hand Carried on Board


Why Choose Joyce Expediting?

  1. For the past half a century, Joyce has operated a delivery business.
  2. Both overnight delivery and delivery on the same day are areas in which we excel.
  3. Customers can request courier transportation around the clock from the industry leader in the field of courier services.
  4. In addition to that, we offer services in the areas of land courier, executive messenger, and aviation freight.
  5. Services of fulfillment tailored to the magnitude that is most appropriate for your business.
  6. Options available that make international shipping simple and reasonable.

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