Top Renters Insurance Companies in Brooklyn

Top Renters Insurance Companies in Brooklyn

Renters insurance in New York costs an average of $124 a year.  This is $35 less than the national average of $159 per year. In total, this works out to an average monthly cost of around $10.  And it is $3 less than the average monthly cost in the U. S.


Even if your landlord does not force you to purchase Renters Insurance, it is still a good idea to do so. In the event of catastrophic damage to your property or potential legal responsibilities, Renters Insurance is an affordable solution in Brooklyn.


Best Renter’s Insurance Companies in Brooklyn


While renters insurance is not technically required in NYC, some landlords need it to protect tenants from damage caused by other tenants and circumstances not covered by their own policy. We’ll discuss Brooklyn’s best renter’s insurance companies.


1. A1 Brooklyn Brokerage Inc.



A1 Brooklyn Brokerage, Inc.


A1 Brooklyn Brokerage Inc. is a local insurance agency. It works with both renters and business clients from the metro area. It has a wide range of plans, including insurance for co-ops, condos, renters, and homeowners. It also has insurance policies for businesses and cars. Read More


2. Public Insurance Brokers



Public Insurance Brokers


Since 1992, Public Insurance Brokers in Downtown Brooklyn, New York has been serving the community. Since many years, they have served the citizens of Brooklyn and the neighboring New York City area with pride. Read More


3. Silverline Insurance


Silverline Insurance


Silverline Insurance can help clients in the Brooklyn area choose the right policy for their needs. Since the company started, many different insurance companies have worked with the Spanish-speaking team to help clients get life insurance plans. Read More


4. Three Star Brokerage, Inc.


Three Star Brokerage, Inc.


Three Star Brokerage, Inc. services consumers in Brooklyn who need insurance. The personnel of the organization work hard to make sure that consumers have insurance plans that cover all they need. Read More




5. Umanoff Boyer Agency


Umanoff Boyer Agency


Umanoff Boyer Agency is an independent auto insurance company that serves Brooklyn and other nearby cities. When there is an accident, the company’s auto insurance plans protect the company from big financial losses. Read More



6. Chris Foster


Chris Foster


Chris Foster is a State Farm representative in Brooklyn with a finance degree and insurance specialization. All five members of his team are dedicated to giving clients a wonderful insurance experience. Read More



7. Dean Zupo


Dean Zupo
For the past eight years, Dean Zupo, a third generation State Farm Insurance agent, has been offering consumers in Brooklyn insurance solutions. Renters Insurance from Zupo offers protection against typical causes of property loss and damage, such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Read More



8. Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc.

Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc.


Gotham Brokerage has been run by the same family for over 50 years. Through Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc., Brooklyn residents can get personalized service and insurance options that fit their needs. Read More



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Can I have two separate Renters Insurance policies?


Even though it is rare, it is possible to have two different renters insurance policies. Since Renters Insurance covers your things both on and off the rented property, you probably don’t need two policies.


How often should you compare Renters Insurance?


Start looking for Renters Insurance about two weeks before your current policy is set to end or be renewed. This will give you enough time to compare different plans. In general, every six months is a good time to compare quotes for long-term insurance like home and car insurance.


Why are so many tenants without insurance?


The Insurance Information Institute (III) says that 63 percent of renters don’t get Renters Insurance because they think they are covered by their landlord or roommate’s insurance policy, which may be too expensive or unnecessary.


Is it possible to include my boyfriend in my renter’s policy?


As a renter, you may be able to include your roommate as an additional named insured on your policy. Thus, they are treated as an equal partner in the policymaking process. As much as it is your policy, it becomes their policy as well. There are, however, dangers to be aware of in this situation.

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