Top Homeowners Insurance Agencies in Brooklyn

Top Homeowners Insurance Agencies in Brooklyn

You don’t want to be taken off handed when something big like a refrigerator or dishwasher goes down. You can keep your house’s systems working year-round by finding the finest home warranty. We’ve reached the point where we need to talk about the best Brooklyn Homeowners insurance companies.


Best Homeowners Insurance Agencies in Brooklyn


Resulting in a wide array of coverage options, the top home warranty companies are decided by how well they fit your house’s requirements. Making a really well decision on your home security plan begins with carefully reviewing what each company has to offer.


1. A1 Brooklyn Brokerage Inc.


A1 Brooklyn Brokerage, Inc.


A1 Brooklyn Brokerage Inc. is a locally owned insurance company that works with clients from the metro area that are both residential and commercial. It offers a broad array of plans, including insurance for co-ops, condos, renters, and homeowners. It also provides business and automotive insurance policies. Read More


2. Bauer Brokerage Inc.


Bauer Brokerage Inc.


Customers in the Brooklyn region can purchase insurance coverage from Bauer Brokerage Inc. Property damage brought on by fire, smoke, flooding, and natural disasters is covered for homeowners. Read More


3. F&W Professional Insurance Brokerage, Inc.


F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage, Inc.


F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage, Inc., provides services to clients in Brooklyn and the surrounding communities. Read More


4. Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc.



Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc.



Clients in Brooklyn and the surrounding region are served by Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc. It is the job of this agency to help clients secure enough homeowners’ insurance policies to protect them from financial loss in the event of accidental damage, theft, or destruction of their properties. Read More


5. Admiral Insurance Brokerage Corp.


Admiral Insurance Brokerage Corp.


Established in 1996, Admiral Insurance Brokerage Corp. provides homeowners insurance to homeowners of Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. They search for policies from well-known and respected insurers and assist customers in finding the ones that best match their unique needs. Read More


6. World Insurance Brokerage, Ltd


World Insurance Brokerage, Ltd


In Brooklyn and the surrounding areas, World Insurance Brokerage, Ltd. is a full-service insurance company. Both private and commercial clients are constantly receiving services that are personalized for them. Read More


7. Cook Insurance Services



Cook Insurance Services


Brooklyn and the regions surrounding are served by Cook Insurance Services, an independent firm. It offers homeowners’ insurance coverage that pay for liabilities, medical costs, lost property, lost valuables, Read More


8. Eli Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc.


Eli Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc.



Customers in Brooklyn seeking to obtain insurance coverage can turn to Eli Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. for assistance with their insurance needs. Read More


9. Great Agency Inc


Great Agency Inc


Brooklyn residents can get insurance through Great Agency Inc. It offers a wide variety of personal and business insurance products, including residential protection packages. Read More


10. Max J. Pollack & Sons


Max J. Pollack & Sons


Brooklyn-based Max J. Pollack & Sons helps clients protect their financial investments against the risk of losing them all. All types of residences, including those that are primary or secondary residences, can be insured by this company. Read More


11. Next Century Insurance


Next Century Insurance


Next Century Insurance serves customers in and around Brooklyn. Customers who want to apply for homeowner’s policies that cover property harm caused by vandalism or theft can use this tool. Read More


12. Target Insurance Brokerage, LLC


Target Insurance Brokerage, LLC


Brooklyn residents may rely on Target Insurance Brokerage, LLC., for a wide range of house insurance policies. Property damage caused by unfortunate incidents is minimized with the use of this technology. Read More


13. Pupkin Insurance Agency


Pupkin Insurance Agency


Brooklyn and the surrounding areas are handled by the family-run Pupkin Insurance Agency. Among the many services it provides is home insurance. There are also commercial property and business owners that have policies written by their staff. Read More


14. Rodney Shannon


Rodney Shannon


Rodney Shannon has been a State Farm agent in Brooklyn since 1999. When a policyholder is found liable for an accident or negligence, their homeowner’s insurance may provide financial protection against damage and loss as well as responsibility. Read More


15. Three Star Brokerage, Inc.


Three Star Brokerage, Inc.


Brooklyn and the neighboring areas are well-served by Three Star Brokerage, Inc., an insurance brokerage. Many products are available, including home insurance for veterans and first-time homebuyers. Read More



Homeowners Insurance Related Discussion



What a Homeowner Can Expect from a Home Warranty?


You just purchased your dream home along with the perfect décor.


Your new home has been unpacked for a few months. So, you rebuild your savings account, which was exhausted by your biggest purchase.


A few months into your new home, you find yourselves with a costly unexpected bill when your heater breaks down in the middle of the night.


If you have a new mortgage payment and only a little amount of money, you’re looking at a wide range of options for how to cover this unexpected cost.


It is fortunate that you got a home protection plan that will cover this or any other major system or appliance repairs or replacement that may arise.


What Is Included in a Home Warranty?


A standard home warranty covers the following major systems and appliances:

  • Centralized air conditioning
  • Central heating and cooling
  • Dishwashers
  • Integrated microwaves
  • Water heating systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Interior electrical installations
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges, ovens, and cooktops
  • Plumbing systems
  • Garbage disposals
  • Roof leakages
  • Dryers and washers
  • Garage door openers



In What Situations Do You Need a Home Warranty Insurance?


All homeowners, whether newly purchased or formerly owned, have the option of purchasing a house warranty. In most situations, home warranty policies are presented to home buyers at the time of their purchase of a new house.


A home warranty insurance plan can be acquired later on if a buyer decides against acquiring it at the time of purchase. If a homeowner decides to acquire a warranty plan, there is no time constraint on when that decision can be made.


How Much Amount You’ll Pay for a Home Warranty?


A home warranty typically costs very few hundred dollars and can be fully reimbursed at the time of purchase. It is expected that this money will be collected at the time of the closing fees for the new home.


Home warranties can be acquired on behalf of a homebuyer by the seller, real estate agent, or a family member or friend. In the occurrence of a home appliance insurance claim, the homeowner may be responsible for a service fee or deductible of $50 to $100, depending on circumstances. Please note, home warranty companies have different contract terms consequently, fee amounts may vary.


To file a claim, contact your home warranty insurance provider.


  • The warranty company will check if you have a plan that covers the item.
  • The warranty company will arrange an appointment with a local contractor on your behalf.
  • The contractor diagnoses the problem and recommends repair or replacement.
  • There will be upgrades and fixes made.
  • The warranty provider will receive payment from you in the form of a service charge.
  • The process has completed.



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