Top Electricians in Brooklyn

Top Electricians in Brooklyn

Numerous Brooklynites find Brooklyn Electricians handy for any and all indoor and outdoor electrical needs.


Whether you need a new electrical outlet wired or a whole new set of lights installed, the electricians in Brooklyn can handle it all.

List of Top Electricians in Brooklyn


1. Call-A-Pro



Call-A-network Pro’s of more than 20,000 home service providers is a great resource for customers in need of qualified electricians in their area. Read More


2. Breen Electrical Contractors, Inc.


Breen Electrical Contractors, Inc.


Breen Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a qualified, insured, LEED-certified electrical contractor serving Brooklyn and the surrounding area for than 30 years. Read More

3. All Boro Electric Corp


All Boro Electric Corp


Professional electrical services provider All Boro Electric Corp. is situated in Brooklyn and serves customers in the neighborhood by offering comprehensive residential and commercial electrical repairs. Read More

4. Blaze Electric


Blaze Electric

Since 1992, Blaze Electric Inc. has been known for its 24/7 customer service. All requests are met swiftly, and clients may expect an emergency response within an hour. Read More


5. Antonio Ceriello Electric Inc.

Antonio Ceriello Electric Inc. provides electrical services. Antonio Ceriello Electric has 30 years of experience. They provide commercial and residential wiring for new construction and renovation.  Read More



6. LCJ Electrical Contractors, Inc.


LCJ Electrical Contractors, Inc.

For the past 20 years, the Brooklyn region has benefited from the expert electrical services of LCJ Electrical Contractors.  Read More






What is a master electrician?

Master electricians have more experience and certificates than journeymen. Master electricians can own companies and supervise others. This certification requires a degree or certain education and experience, depending on the state. Master electricians usually have journeyman status, which requires a specified amount of field hours or years or an apprenticeship. Master electricians can do the following:

  • Circuit breaker installation
  • House rewiring
  • Circuit installation
  • Baseboard heater installation
  • Wiring aluminum
  • Planning a home or business’s electrical system


Putting in solar panels: can an electrician, do it?

Because of the complexity involved in connecting solar panels to a home’s electrical system, hiring a skilled electrician is essential to a successful solar panel installation. Hiring a licensed electrician who is also insured and bonded is a good idea. Your legal options for recouping costs in the event of an installation mishap vary.

Do plumbers or electricians install garbage disposals?

A plumber installs a garbage disposal since the job requires pipes and water flow. The power comes from a wall outlet. An electrician can install a new outlet for the disposal before the plumber installs it.


Can I change a light fixture myself?

Replacing a light fixture is easy, but installation issues are common. When changing fixtures, homeowners may find existing wiring difficulties and unforeseen challenges, such as too-short cables, mounting brackets that don’t fit, and non-code electrical boxes. This can complicate a basic project. To prevent overheating, new light fixtures may need 10 feet of updated wire. Consult a pro to install recessed lights and fixtures without damaging the walls.

Installing a ceiling fan requires an electrician?

Inexperienced homeowners should hire a certified electrician to install or replace a ceiling fan. Electricians can choose the right box and brace to hold the fan’s wiring and weight. Working with a pro prevents time-consuming blunders and safety dangers from unsuitable materials or wiring.

How can I add more outlets?

Installing a new outlet modifies a home’s electrical system, so a permission is required. Installation must follow National Electric Code wiring and placement guidelines. Wet areas require GFCI outlets, while outlets on dedicated circuits require heavier wiring. Installing a new electrical box or outdoor power receptacle may require removing drywall or drilling through an outside wall. Due of installation intricacy, homeowners should consult a pro.


What electrical jobs require permits?

Installing new outlets, light fixtures, or circuit breakers requires a building permit. Permits are needed for low-voltage alarms and landscape lighting. Consult a certified electrician or your local building department if you’re unclear if you need a permit. Some localities allow homeowners to apply for permits, while others only accept contractors. Building inspectors will assess all covered work.

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