Top Free Websites Traffic Checkers

Top Free Websites Traffic Checkers


Do you want  to know the number of visitors a web traffic?


If Yes, Why?


Recognizing how to check website traffic for any site will improve your company in learning from competitors and strengthening your marketing strategy.


The simplest free website traffic analyzer can help you analyze the traffic of any competitor website anywhere in the world. In this way, you may come up with concepts for marketing efforts, increase the number of visitors to your website, and identify the most effective platforms to use.

How to Analyze Your Website’s Traffic


More website traffic doesn’t automatically increase sales leads. This can happen because not all internet users are equal.  You can read our guideline of How to Analyze Your Website’s Traffic.

Why do you use Website Traffic Checkers?


When analyzing the traffic of a competitor, you can evaluate:


  • Their overall number of viewers and how that number fluctuates over time.
  • The keywords that are generating the most traffic.
  • The pages that get the most visitors.
  • The sources of traffic to their site.
  • Allows you to study the traffic of any website on the globe.
  • Use web crawlers, ISPs, and browser extensions, among other things, to gather data.


Why does a site need a steady amount of traffic?


Smaller websites may not display in traffic checkers because the large amount of data required to generate an accurate picture of a website’s performance.


The traffic volume you should generate is also directly related to the level of interest in what you do.


But for websites with  steady amount of visitors, website checker tools can be an important ingredient for business planning and growth.


List of Best Free Website Traffic Checker Tools


Many users are searching for better free website traffic checker because this tool is still quite useful for assessing common trends and determining future intensively developed.


The majority of the tools described here are available as online platforms or browser extensions, however desktop traffic checkers with comprehensive features are also available.

1. SEMRush


SEMRush is a full-featured marketing tool for online business and one of the best SEO tools on the market. SEMRush is not only a free site traffic checker, but it also provides internet businesses with effective marketing solutions.




SEMRush’s Traffic Analytics solution contains a broad range of tools, from backlink analysis to ranking tracking, to keep tabs on your competitors’ visitors.


Backlink analysis and content planning, as well as SEO audits and ranking tracking, are all available through the system.


With SEMRush, you can choose from a paid and a free plan. It is important to visualize up to 10 traffic overview reports a day in the free version of SEMRush’s Traffic Analytic.



The summary tab will provide you key metrics for the website you’re looking at, including such:

  • Total number of visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Visits per page
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Visit duration on average
  • The geographical distribution
  • Bounce rate


When using Bulk Traffic Analysis, you can check the traffic for multiple websites at the same time, which is a handy feature. For a single report, you can add up to 200 sites and export to.csv data from each of them.


Additional traffic reports, such as the following, can provide even more information:


  • Insights from the audience: To get a better idea of a competitor’s audience, look at which sites their visitors go to.
  • Journey in Traffic: Find out how your competitors get traffic to the website and who their top referring sources are. You may also monitor where visitors go after they visit a competitor’s website.
  • Top of the page: With a study of a website’s top-performing pages, you may understand more about what works best for it. You may also see which items or service that the company is advertising, as well as the networks via which it is doing so.
  • Geographical Distribution: Analyze which countries are responsible for the majority of a website’s traffic and how user behavior varies by country.


SEMRush’s free version only shows a sampling of the report’s data. In the Top Pages tab, you can only see the first 10 site results.


Go for Free Trial: 


To begin, enter your email address, phone number, and password in the appropriate fields. Next, you’ll enter your billing information, which will be used to set up your monthly payments. When you fill out the form and start your trial, you won’t be charged anything anyway.

For 14 days, you can use all 45 of SEMRush’s promotional tool to help your business grow. You can cancel your plan during the 14-day trial period if you don’t want to keep it after the trial comes to an end.


2. Ahrefs


SEO tool Ahrefs can be used to assess the visitors of your and your competitors’ sites.


The platform’s exclusive data is what sets it apart in the first place.


Furthermore, they go a step closer to achieving you with a number of unique features that give you a distinct advantage over the competition.





The web-based platform’s ease of use and user-friendly interface is one of its main advantages. In furthermore, Ahrefs clarifies all of the concepts used in the system, easier for users to understand the system.


The summary will give an overview of the website’s major metrics, such as:


Site Audit Audit & optimize your website

Site Explorer : Analyze your competitors

Keywords Explorer : Find keywords your customers are searching for

Content Explorer : Learn from your industry’s top performing content

Rank Tracker : Track your ranking progress


If you want to know what keywords are driving traffic to your site, this tool may give you lots a full analysis of your traffic.


Backlink data, which includes the information about the websites that are referring to your site and the frequency with which they link to it, may also be checked in real-time on your website.


3. UberSuggest


The monthly organic traffic, total number of organic keywords, and traffic volume may all be determined using Ubersuggest.


This services will help you come up with new concepts for your online business, as well as new keywords. This utility can be used without registered.








Both a free and a paid upgrade of the platform are available.


Ubersuggest’s free edition allows you to search for three websites every day.



Use For Free Trail


Simply type a site’s domain into the Ubersuggest homepage’s search field to see its traffic.


It will give an overview of the website’s major metrics, such as:


Domain Overview: Ubersuggest enables you to acquire insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so that you can adopt, improve, and achieve a competitive edge.


Top SEO Pages: You may use the top SEO pages analysis to see which one of your competitors’ pages are performing for popular organic keyword phrases and which ones are popular with social networks such as Facebook.


Keyword Suggestions: You’ll get hundreds of concepts from our free keyword tool, ranging from the most basic to the most unusual. In addition, you’ll be able to see the volume of each keyword, the competitiveness, and trends in the market.


Content Ideas: If you don’t know what to write about, your content strategy will fail. Find out which information is most popular and why, so you can write about topics that your target audience is truly looking forward more to studying!


Backlink data: This is everything you’ll need to develop a strategy for boosting your link profile and evaluating which links will have the biggest effect on your rankings.


It is available to choose between a variety of paid options for individuals, small enterprises, and organizations.


You could save money by signing up for a lifetime subscription with one-time payment, which starts at $29 per month.



4. Sitechecker


Since 2016, Sitechecker has empower local millions of people in resolving the difficult challenge that IT professionals have faced since the internet’s founding: how to improve your website.


Thousands of regular people use Sitechecker to assess their websites and identify flaws.


People who used its service learned how to correct problems, improving the overall performance of their websites and their Google rankings.




Use For Free 



Free SEO Tools:

  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Website Traffic Checker
  • Website Safety Checker
  • Website Down Checker
  • Website Rank Checker
  • Website Hosting Checker
  • Website Speed Checker
  • Website Backlink Analysis
  • Website Broken Link Checker


With a wide range of options, Sitechecker is an excellent SEO tool that may help improve the search rankings of numerous web platforms.


On a single page, it provides estimations for 156 different SEO factors, making it a comprehensive SEO assessment tool. As a bonus, Sitechecker provides extensive advice for resolving issues.


To begin, go to Traffic Checker and type in the name of the website you wish to monitor.


Some of the helpful SEO reports include:

  • Improve your website’s on-page and technical SEO.
  • Make actionable data from your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts.
  • Get customised SEO guidelines that you may follow step-by-step.
  • Monitor all your website’s changes 24/7.
  • With an effective rank tracker, get clear keyword reports.
  • Control all the backlinks you’ve built.
  • Save time with Chrome Extension.


Sitechecker’s Traffic Checker, unlike some of the other solutions on this list, provides full data for free. Plan prices start at $19 per month if you wish to use Sitechecker’s other services.


5. SERanking


Using SERanking, users may execute keyword research, track ranks, and monitor the traffic of websites around the world.


Searching for a website gives you an idea of how much traffic the site receives each month from organic and paid channels and how many keywords it ranks for.



Use For Free


SERanking also gives a summary of all the website’s ranking keywords, its strongest pages, and a breakdown of its significant organic and paid competitors.


On this list, there is a limitation to the amount of data you can access for free.



  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Website Audit
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Backlink Tracking Tool
  • Webpage Monitor
  • Keyword Research & Suggestions Tool
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Marketing and SEO Plan


Only the top 10 results are shown in the organic keywords and top page reports.


At a monthly cost as little as $31, users can choose between three different paid options offered by SERanking.


Users only need to submit their name, email, phone number, and password to get started. There is no credit card required for registration.


6. Serpstat


Top-notch keyword research services like Serpstat now include a wide range of features.


Backlink analysis, website audit, and traffic computation for other web pages are all included in this free web traffic checker.


To get even more options, you can pay for a subscription. Additionally, you don’t need to search for free antivirus software because this is a web-based service that doesn’t put your system at risk.


Use For Free



Important Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Identifies trending keywords
  • Thorough page study
  • Checks site visibility
  • Numerous output formats
  • Can specify the location of web traffic


Serpstat provides the ability to examine daily, monthly, and even yearly stats in a line graph.


To begin using the free version, you must first sign up by providing a valid email address, a legitimate phone number, and a password.


Using Serpstat to its full potential is made simple by the Serpstat manual and use cases page. Get ahead of the pack and dominating the search results.


The freemium approach makes it very easy to learn about Serpstat, do keyword research, and assess your competitors. Sign up for free right now.


7. Similar Web


Similar Web is a comprehensive marketing tool that estimates the amount of people who visit a specific website and is often recognized as the finest free web traffic checker.


Similar Web, unlike other similar providers on the market today, focuses primarily on website traffic analysis.


The free edition has some limits, such as being limited to five results per metric, one month of app data, and three months of web traffic statistics.



Similar web

Use For Free



Important Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Traffic calculation
  • Keywords ranking
  • Can determine the origin of online traffic


Analyze every website on the internet from the comfort of home. The Similarweb TrafficMeterTM browser extension provides you with real-time access to traffic data and other useful information while you explore the web.


Similarweb’s DigitalRank(TM) is the definitive measurement of the digital world, and is used everyday by the likes of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to make informed decisions about their online presence.



8. WebCEO


When it comes to multi-project administration, WebCEO is an excellent choice for agencies and freelancers alike.


Unlike the other tools on this list, WebCEO does not allow you to search for traffic data straight from another website.


The Competitor Metrics tool helps in tracking the traffic of other websites that are similar to their own.

Use For Free



What You Get with WebCEO:-


  • Use 23 pro-level SEO software tool
  • Manage hundreds of client sites easily
  • Set up a white-label marketing platform
  • Earn big profits by offering SEO services
  • Work as a team to achieve better results
  • Get new SEO leads daily
  • Impress your clients with beautiful SEO reports
  • Get notified about serious changes in your metrics


So you can see how much traffic each of these sites generates over time, how they typically rank, and what kinds of terms they share.


A paid subscription is required to access the service; there isn’t a free trial.



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