Top Estate Planning Attorneys in New York City

Top Estate Planning Attorneys in New York, NY

Are you looking for a lawyer that can help you with your estate planning?


Perhaps you’re unsure where to begin your hunt. Use our directory to locate an estate planning lawyer in New York City who meets your requirements.


It can be difficult to find the appropriate Estate Planning lawyer in New York. You might even be tempted to delay dealing with your estate plan entirely. Estate planning is an essential component of long-term planning. It’s also critical for your family’s future.


In estate planning, what is a specialized attorney?


Estate planning attorneys are licensed legal professionals who are well-versed in regulatory requirements pertaining to all aspects of an estate’s management and administration.


Aside from explaining the complex probate procedure, estate planning attorneys can provide clients with sound tax advice that benefits them both immediately and in the long run.


Known as probate attorneys or estate law attorneys, they can ensure that your estate will be valued, inventoried, distributed, and taxed in accordance with your wishes following your death.


List of Best Estate Planning Lawyers in New York




As soon as people think discussing estate planning, wills and trusts come to mind. When it comes to decision making about the end of life, estate planning involves a wide range of considerations. Read More


2. The Law Offices of Polizzotto & Polizzotto

  The Law Offices of Polizzotto & Polizzotto 

Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, with offices in Brooklyn, is one of the most recognized estate planning attorneys in New York City, serving residents of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island who are worried about their legacy. Read More


3. The Khalsa Law Firm | Estate Planning

  The Khalsa Law Firm | Estate Planing 

The firm of S.J. Khalsa is founded on the basis of trust. Solicitor S.J. recognized that in order to make a difference in the lives of the people he represented, the traditional estate planning process needed to be replaced by a more modern one. Read More


4. Korsinsky & Klein |Estate Planning Lawyers Serving New York

  Korsinsky & Klein 

Korsinsky & Klein LLP provides complete legal advice to clients who desire to set their ultimate wishes and protect themselves and their loved ones. After a death, logistics might be challenging. After funerals and memorials, you must also handle their estate. Read More


5. Gabor & Marotta LLC | Estate Planning Lawyers in NY

  Gabor & Marotta LLC | Estate Planning Lawyers in NY 

Gabor & Marotta LLC provides legal services to corporate owners and real estate investors in the New York metropolitan area, including litigation, probate and estate administration, as well as transactional and personal legal services. Read More


6. Kridel Law Group

  Kridel Law Group 

For almost 40 years, businesses and individuals have trusted to the Kridel Law Group for all of their specific requests. They have attorneys in New Jersey and New York who can handle a wide range of legal issues for their customers.Their business and individual clients know they can count on them to aggressively litigate their cases using the sophisticated technology and other resources at their disposal. Read More


7. Barrows Levy PLLC

  Barrows Levy PLLC 



To better serve you, Barrows Levy PLLC spend time learning about your unique family and financial situations, as well as your long-term estate planning goals, before devising a strategy to get you there. Read More


8. Schwartz, Ponterio & Levenson, PLLC

  Schwartz, Ponterio & Levenson, PLLC 

Schwartz, Ponterio & Levenson, PLLC can assist with the vast majority of legal issues that arise in a person’s life. Ex-clients of our personal injury firm, for example, are welcome to come back if they need help with estate administration. Read More


9. Ronald Fatoullah & Associates

  Ronald Fatoullah & Associates 



The law offices at Ronald Fatoullah & Associates try to serve persons in New York, New York, with matters concerning elder law, estate planning, guardianships and Medicaid applications. Read More


10. Urban Thier & Federer, P.A.

  Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. 



Whether you are creating an estate plan to preserve your interests, or you are an heir dealing with a probate or administration matter, you probably have questions. Navigating the planning or administration process is often confusing and difficult. Read More


11. Ward Chisholm LLP

  Ward Chisholm LLP 



WardChisholm, LLP also has representative offices, New York, and Vancouver, British Columbia, where they advise Canadian customers on US tax issues. Read More


12. The Pohl Law Group LLC

  The Pohl Law Group LLC 

Wills, trusts, various parts of tax and estate planning, contracts, and litigation are all important because The Pohl Law Group LLC has such a significant impact on the lives of actual families and people. At Manhattan’s Pohl Law Group, they never overlook that fundamental truth. Read More


13. NY Wills and Estates

  NY Wills and Estates 

Everyone can benefit from New York estate planning. Your family, your property, and your remains are all handled in an estate plan. In addition, everyone should have a plan in place in particular instance they become disabled and need to make medical and financial decisions. Read More


14. Busson & Sikorski, P.C.

  Busson & Sikorski, P.C. 

The legal guidance of Busson & Sikorski, P.C. can be relied upon in the event of a disagreement over the administration of an estate. When a dispute arises during the recall process, when administering a deceased person’s estate, or when dealing with any other estate-related issue, it is imperative to have the best legal representation possible. They assist with the purchase or purchase of international property as part of their services. Read More


15. Graubard Miller

  Graubard Miller 

Graubard Miller offers a varied group of customers in a wide range of real estate matters, both simple and sophisticated. Their clients include residential and business owners, developers, and managing agents, as well as financial institutions, cooperative housing corporations, and condominium associations’ sponsors and boards. Read More


16. Gartenberg Howard LLP

  Gartenberg Howard LLP 

If your will is not carefully drafted, or if one of your heirs is able to argue that you were under the influence of others when you made your will, you will facing estate and probate litigation. For those who have a significant estate, substantial investments or properties, or bank accounts to be involved in probate litigation is more likely. Read More


17. Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP

  Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP 

Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, an international law firm based in New York City, serves both domestic and international clients. As a result, they are better equipped to deal with the most complicated strategic planning activities, negotiations, and complex litigation, including ADR, trials, and appeals. They established their law business in such a way that it stays on top of matters that affect our clients’ interests. Read More


18. LaBletta & Walters LLC

  LaBletta & Walters LLC 

LaBletta & Walters LLC handles all aspects of real estate, estate planning, administration, litigation, and guardianship. They approach what for some customers are existence decisions with the utmost compassion and empathy. Read More


19. Zingman & Associates PLLC

  Zingman & Associates PLLC 

For a long time, Zingman & Associates PLLC has been providing legal services to New York City customers, assisting them with estate administration and litigation. Read More


20. The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C.

  The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C. 

The legal team at Connors & Connors, P.C. provides excellent services to insurance companies and self-insured businesses. Because of our significant knowledge, we are able to create the most effective defenses against personal injury liability. They’re well-known for the excellent degree of service they deliver and the previous successes they’ve had. Read More



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