Gabor & Marotta LLC | Estate Planning Lawyers in NY

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Gabor & Marotta LLC | Estate Planning Lawyers in NY


Gabor & Marotta LLC provides legal services to corporate owners and real estate investors in the New York metropolitan area, including litigation, probate and estate administration, as well as transactional and personal legal services.


Gabor & Marotta LLC | Estate Planning Lawyers in NY


In addition to trademark registration, its lawyers have substantial knowledge in trusts, wills, estates, and probate, real estate acquisitions and development, franchising, and tax law, as well as estate planning and asset protection. Their  vast range of knowledge enables us to meet our clients’ various legal requirements.


Estate planning attorney in New York City, New York


Gabor & Marotta LLC’s function is to support you in achieving your objectives. While your case is pending, their attorneys are dedicated to giving you with extensive, high-quality advice to help you achieve all of your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.



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Practice Areas

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  • Probate & Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate Purchases and Sales
  • Business Law
  • Trademark Law



  • Richard M.Gabor
  • Daniel C. Marotta
  • Matthew Medaglia
  • Ilyssa Gabor


Why Choose Us?


  1. Clients know that we prioritize their success even in the most complicated and difficult legal situations.
  2. Decades of experience in high-end and difficult situations, from estates worth $10 million or more to legal conflicts over trademarks and international corporate ventures.
  3. Service that is individualized and effective while keeping an eye on your budget.
  4. knowledge of business dynamics and technology in practice.
  5. CPA with substantial expertise in tax law and estate planning.


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