Top 15 Wedding Planners in New York City

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Full wedding planners in New York are typically recruited at the outset of the planning process, at least 10 months in advance. In New York City, full-service wedding planners charge an average of $3,000, with the most expensive ones charging between $4,500 and $12,000.

It is suggested that you allocate between 5 and 10 percent of your wedding budget to a wedding planner in NYC. Having a wedding planner does more than make life easier; in the end, they end up saving the couple money and hassle on the big day. For instance, if a coordinator is recruited for 15 hours each day, the cost is $600, plus $45 per hour for any duration over it all.


Top Event Planners NYC


1. A Central Park Wedding


Given its name, it’s no surprise that A Central Park Wedding is focused on helping New York City residents plan weddings and receptions in Central Park. The 800 acres of property are available, and the staff is there to assist customers in finding the perfect spot. Multiple “Couples’ Choice Awards” from WeddingWire have been presented to the company.



A wedding planner may help you create the wedding of your dreams or help you design and construct the ideal outdoor event. We will be there for you at each stage of preparation. To top it all off, we’ll be present on the big day to work with your vendors and guests to keep things on schedule.

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2. Ashley Douglass Events


At Ashley Douglass Events, we are driven by a love to create event experiences that are beautiful, personable, warm, inclusive, and well-planned in such a way that they inspire both our clients and our clients’ guests. Kindness, patience, working together with others, and trust are all components that, in our view, must be present if one wishes to achieve truly remarkable outcomes.


Ashley Douglass Events

A celebration contributes to the construction of a narrative, generates energy, and brings into sharper focus that which is most significant. Celebrations are held to recognize various things, including commitments, achievements, beginnings, and even possible endings. At the end of an event, you should feel more connected to the people and the cause than you did when you first arrived. Why exactly are you making a big deal about this? What do you hope to accomplish with this event? What kind of emotions do you want other people to have?

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3. Amy Champagne Events

Amy Champagne Events is based in New York and is in the business of planning and coordinating local events. Their primary area of expertise is in the management of weddings and wedding festivities. Every customer and every event have its own unique narrative, and we want to provide the venue where you may share it with the world. Celebrations of life’s milestones are significant and must never to be neglected or disregarded. Every event that we plan and put on receives our highest attention, along with a friendly and professional demeanor, and a focus on having fun.


Amy Champagne Events

Amy Cagginello, an experienced wedding planner who is particularly skilled in organizing, is in charge of the team and serves as the team leader. The Knot, WeddingWire, Bliss Celebrations Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and Carrots & Cake are just a few of the publications that have recognized Ms. Cagginello and the work of her colleagues.

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4. Bellafare

People from all across New York City and the suburbs come to the wedding planning company Bellafare, which is situated in New York City. They adore designs that are artistic and creative, using features that are organic, contemporary, stylish, and classy. They want their weddings and events to give guests the impression that they have entered the house of one of their clients and are immediately surrounded by design that is warm and attentive.




Kristin Doggett, who currently works as the Creative Director for the company, is the one who came up with the idea for Bellafare. The company has a satellite campus in Charleston, South Carolina. She and her colleagues are capable of producing a stress-free and unforgettable wedding, regardless of the size, aesthetic, or financial constraints of the event.

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5. Ang Weddings & Events

Tzo Ai Ang started NYC-based Ang Weddings and Events in 2011. Tzo Ai (“Zo-Eye”) has arranged tiny 40-guest weddings to lavish 300-guest weddings. She worked at the New York Public Library, The Plaza, Rainbow Room, Weylin, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Cipriani, and Mandarin Oriental. Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, and Carats and Cake recognized Ang Weddings and Events a top wedding planner. Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, BRIDES, Grace Ormonde, and Style Me Pretty have highlighted Tzo Ai.


Ang Weddings & Events

She emphasizes client service and provides personalized planning. Her calmness and organizational skills will assure everything goes smoothly. She wants to make your celebration unforgettable. Tzo Ai enjoys her client interactions. Weddings are happy and emotional. She cherishes helping couples organize their weddings.

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6. BLB Events

BLB Events serves couples in New York City and its surrounding areas with wedding planning services. Brittney and her team of expert event planners are client and make it their top priority to assist engaged couples in the planning of a wedding that is unique to them.

BLB Events

There is a variety of service packages available, ranging from full-service wedding planning to wedding management services. The needs of each couple are taken into consideration when designing each package in order to ensure a seamless flow of planning.

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7. Events By Red Carpet

Events By Red Carpet is a full-service event management company that serves customers in New York and the territories surrounding the city. Even for the pickiest brides and grooms, the firm creates one-of-a-kind and spectacular weddings that are unforgettable.

Events By Red Carpet

It also provides catering and invitation design services in addition to floral arrangements. The wedding planners locate stunning locations to host the event as well as bands and performers with exceptional musical ability to perform there. In addition to branding events, trade exhibitions, conferences, expositions, concerts, and tournaments, Events By Red Carpet organizes all of these types of events.

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8. Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production

Cristina Verger Event Planning and Production is a premier, one-stop shop for all of your wedding and special event needs in the Big Apple. Elegant weddings, destination weddings, and corporate events are imagined and created all over the world from the company’s headquarters in New York City and its satellite offices in Rome and Milan.

Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production

Cristina Verger, a recognized and well-liked event planner, is the company’s driving force. Cristina has been working in the catering and event planning industry for over 25 years, during which time she has formed solid connections with event vendors and high-end venues in New York, the rest of the United States, and internationally. As a result, she is now widely recognized for her original thinking, chic good taste, and meticulous attention to detail.

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9. Cynthia Ross Events

Cynthia Ross Events provides the client in the New York City Metro region with weddings and other events by planning, planning, and otherwise preparing them. The company’s headquarters can be found at New Hyde Park. The company’s services include free initial consultations, continuous contact via phone and email, vendor selection, and full coordination of suppliers, scheduling, rehearsals, and other essential components of the wedding ceremony.


Cynthia Ross Events


Cynthia Ross Events is prepared to help families plan both local weddings and receptions at exotic locations, and in the case of the latter, the company is even able to assist families in arranging travel and lodging for their guests. Having difficulty visualizing that spending plan or articulating those aspirations? They can assist you in defining your goal more precisely or in establishing (and sticking to!) a budget.

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10. Emlan Events

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emlan Events provided commitment-free planning. Emlan helped some of her first clients with pandemic worries by providing commitment-free advice, whether it involved moving them from ballrooms in the city to tent celebrations upstate or assisting them in planning a legal wedding ceremony while postponing the party.


Emlan Events

Emlan Events is the best event consulting company in New York City. They offer full-service event production and monthly planning.

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11. Wed in Central Park

Wed in Central Park is a wedding planning service that assists people in the greater New York City area with their wedding preparations. Its primary focus is on weddings that are planned to take place within Central Park, and it provides clients with advice and guidance on all aspects of the event.


Wed in Central Park


The company assists clients in planning for the precise site of the wedding, preparing elements of hospitality such as the food and refreshments for guests, and planning for potential unforeseen circumstances such as weather or foot traffic.

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12. Firefly Events

Firefly Events is a wedding planning and design business with locations in both New York City and Los Angeles. Clients can get in touch with the service to know about price, which can change depending on their preferences and financial situation. The crew is available to arrange anything from weddings to galas and fundraisers to holiday parties.


Firefly Events

Our favorite part of the work is when we are able to tell your story! Whether your guest list is five or five hundred, we listen and craft events around the details that best reflect your story and perspective in order to help you connect with your community in a meaningful and personal way.

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13. LLG Events

LLG Events is an international events management and design corporation with headquarters in Lower Manhattan. The company specializes in providing luxury wedding services throughout the metropolitan area as well as internationally.


LLG Events


Every local and destination wedding is carefully curated by the firm. This can involve having the event held on a private island, having meals prepared by chefs who have earned Michelin stars, and going to galleries that are not publicly listed. The work of the company has been highlighted in publications like as The New York Times, Bridal Guide, and Bazaar.

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14. Genesis Wedding Planning

Located in Flushing, Genesis Wedding Planning serves customers in New York and the nearby region. Genesis Wedding Planning was established by Shirly Chau, a Certified Wedding Planner. Ms. Chau and her team are able to offer day-of coordinating services in addition to the standard planning services.


Genesis Wedding Planning
We count it as the finest of honors to share in the wedding ceremony of each and every couple we serve. If you’re looking for a wedding planner with heart, go no further than Genesis Wedding. Since your needs are unique, we like to work with you individually.

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15. Two Kindred Event Planners


Aiming to provide an unique experience for engaged couples, parents preparing for their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or anybody organizing an event, such as a fundraising gala, Two Kindred Event Planners is an LGBTQ and woman-owned planning business.


Two Kindred Event Planners

The organization, which Alison and Jonathan co-founded in Brooklyn, New York City, arranges events for couples and people of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations. It can provide full or in part services for planning, including month-of planning.

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