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Genesis Wedding Planning, which has a location in Flushing, provides services to clients in New York and the surrounding area. Shirly Chau, who is Certified in Wedding Planning, is the one responsible for starting Genesis Wedding Planning. In addition to the normal planning services, Ms. Chau and her team are able to provide day-of coordinating services.


Genesis Wedding Planning
We consider it one of the highest honors possible to be invited to participate in the wedding ceremony of each and every couple that we are privileged to serve. Look no further than Genesis Wedding if you want a wedding coordinator who cares about the couple being married. Because your requirements are one of a kind, we prefer to work with you on an individual basis.


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Professional Wedding Planning

Feeling overwhelmed? Thought you could handle your wedding all on your own?
It is important to fully enjoy your own wedding without stressing over the little details from the wedding planning process.
A well-detailed plan is essential for your wedding. Not only can it save your time, but it also can control your wedding budget accurately.

We provide three different packages to suit your needs.


Genesis Wedding can make your wedding look like it was made for a celebrity, with rich decorations and unique touches.
We will not only help you plan your wedding, but we will also work closely with you to create a unique, personalized theme that reflects your style and taste. This way, everything will fit together beautifully on your wedding day.

Genesis Wedding will incorporate your ideas into these six parts of the wedding experience in order to plan a unique wedding:

  • Anticipation
  • Arrival
  • Appetite
  • Amusement
  • Atmosphere
  • Appreciation


All brides and grooms have different wedding dreams. We know every couple’s culture, personality, and budget are distinct. Based on our wedding industry knowledge, we’ll help you select vendors to make your dream wedding a reality.

6 months before your wedding, Genesis Wedding will help. We’ll assist you choose vendors, confirm and finalize specifics. Timetables, checklists, and the day-of itinerary will be provided. We’ll make sure all parties agree and the planning goes smoothly.

Service Overview :

  • Wedding planning took 16 hours, which included two in-person meetings of three hours each, five hours of preparation for logistics, and five hours of research for vendors.
  • Coordination on the wedding day: 12 hours (2-hour ceremony rehearsal and 10-hour wedding day)
  • 1 Visit to wedding venue (Travel charges may apply)
  • Photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cakes, MC+DJ, and other vendors can be recommended and booked based on your needs.
  • Schedules, to-do lists, and personalized plans for the wedding day
  • Seating chart with all the details
  • Recommendations and etiquette advice



A wedding coordinator is vital for a smooth event. We’ll handle all the logistics on your big day, from interacting with the venue and vendors to keeping track of time and schedule, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding. By knowing all the wedding specifics in advance, we can oversee the entire event and handle any unexpected incidents.

Genesis Wedding starts 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding. We’ll assist you confirm and finalize specifics with vendors. Timetables, checklists, and the day-of itinerary will be provided. We’ll make sure all parties agree and the planning goes smoothly.


Service Overview:

  1. 8 hours of wedding planning (3- hour face-to-face meeting and 5 -hours logistic preparation)
  2. 10 hours for wedding day coordination (2-hour ceremony rehearsal and 8-hour wedding day)
  3. 1 wedding venue visit (travel charges may apply)
  4. Customized wedding day timetables, checklists, and itineraries
  5. Complete seating plan with diagram
  6. Recommendations and etiquette suggestions


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