Top Private Investigators in New York City

Top Private Investigators in New York, NY

Private detectives verify backgrounds and statements, find missing people, and analyze computer crimes. Private investigators and detectives look for evidence for court proceedings or clients.


Uncomfortable circumstances can arise at any time, as reality shows. Let’s say you’re putting yourself through a trust test and you notice odd behavior at home, at work, or around the neighborhood. It’s not unusual for people to disappear. Cyberbullying or attacks on your online reputation can happen to anyone.


Those looking for a “private investigator near me” need not go any further. We’ve helped many New Yorkers locate the information they needed.


List of Private Investigators in New York


1. Manhattan Investigations, LLC


Manhattan Investigations, LLC


Since 2004, Manhattan Investigations, LLC has provided investigative services in New York City. They specialize in adultery investigations, child support and child welfare investigations, as well as technological and forensic investigations. Read More


2. Gross Investigation Bureau, LLC


Gross Investigation Bureau, LLC

Gross Investigation Bureau, LLC, situated in New York City, is a private investigative agency serving both businesses and people. They all have the same goal: to give high-quality information research and analysis through their extensive knowledge in the fields of forensics, private investigation as well as engineering and electronics. Read More


3. Investigative Solutions LLC


Investigative Solutions LLC


Investigative Solutions LLC is a full-service private investigation firm based in New Jersey. They provide a complimentary consultation to all prospective clients to explore their needs and our services. Read More


4. JL & Associates, Ltd


JL & Associates, Ltd


As a New York City-based private investigator firm, JL & Associates. Ltd., provides 24-hour services to clients around the world. Corporate investigations, such as due diligence and white-collar crime as well as internal theft investigations, are the company’s specialization. Read More


5. Cornelius Investigations


Cornelius Investigations


Licensed, Bonded and Insured in New York City, Cornelius Investigations LLC provides investigative and security services. As well as for private clients, the Cornelius Investigations firm performs investigations for a number of the most prestigious law and corporate firms in New York City. Read More


6. American Eagle Investigations


American Eagle Investigations

American Eagle Investigations, situated in New York City, has been conducting investigations for over two decades. They are inclined to see the best in others. It would be wonderful to believe that our friends, family, and coworkers have our best interests at heart. Assume that dishonesty, deception, infidelity, criminality, and corruption do not exist. Read More


7. Affiliated Investigations Corp.



Affiliated Investigations Corp.

For more than 33 years, Affiliated Investigations Corp. has provided investigative and security services in Queens Village, New York. Background investigations and evidence collecting are only a few of the services they provide, as are commercial security and executive protection. Affiliated Investigations Corp. has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is affiliated with the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the New York State Department of State. Read More


8. International Investigative Group


International Investigative Group


Family-owned and operated, IIG is a New York City-based private investigation firm. At this firm, the private investigators are committed to assisting their clients overcome challenging circumstances, such as revealing offenses in an organization, or obtaining evidence for cases. Read More


9. RQ Investigations


RQ Investigations


RQ Investigations is a top private investigation agency in New York City that provides high-quality service at a reasonable price. Background investigations, criminal defense investigations, surveillance, and school district services are some of the services offered by this multi-lingual and competent company. Read More


10. TIO Square Inc.


TIO Square Inc.


TIO Square Inc. is a Queens-based private detective and technology organization that serves New York City, Long Island, and Westchester counties. Its investigators have a combined expertise of many years acquiring investigative intelligence and forensic evidence for both corporate and private clients. Read More




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