Top Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies in New York City

Top Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies in New York, NY

PPC (pay-per-click) is an online ad approach for generating traffic to websites in New York. When an ad is clicked, an advertiser pays a publisher (usually a search site, a website owner, or a network of websites).

The more money your business spends on advertising, the more money the agency makes. Management fees generally range between 10% and 20% of the ad spend. The management fee amount will fluctuate from month to month, making budgeting more challenging.

Advertisers are charged per ad click by Google. Publishers receive 68 percent of all clicks (or 51 percent when it comes to AdSense for search). The commission you get is determined largely by the niche’s competition and CPC. The commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15 in practice.

LIst of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies in NYC


1. AdVenture Media


AdVenture Media


Founded in 2013, AdVenture Media is a digital marketing agency providing PPC advertising services to clients in the New York metro area. This agency has experience working with a diverse set of clients ranging from small businesses to multi-billion-dollar corporations. Read More


2. Acknowledge Digital Marketing LLC


acKnowledge Digital Marketing LLC


AcKnowledge Digital Marketing is an advertising agency that specializes in search engine marketing and pay-per-click marketing for businesses and organizations. Clients benefit from the firm’s experience in developing advertising campaigns that increase brand awareness and conversion rates. Read More


3. AMMA Marketing

AMMA Marketing

AMMA Marketing is an internet sales and advertising agency with more than a decade of experience. It specializes in personalizing and professionally developing, implementing, and maintaining pay-per-click (PPC) programs for clients in the New York City metro area, with a focus on maximizing a client’s return on investment. Read More


4. Bobsled Marketing LLC


Bobsled Marketing LLC

Bobsled Marketing LLC is a New York-based digital marketing firm that assists clients with PPC advertising campaigns across the city. The Amazon platforms and marketplaces are well-known to this business and its staff. Read More


5. Digital Drew


Digital Drew


New York-based PPC firm Digital Drew. It’s more than just a company, a product, or a service. It is the premise that every business of any size may use and access digital media. Digital Drew is debating the assumption that digital media has to be a mystery, arguing that it can be enjoyable, interesting, and adaptable to every use case. Read More


6. ECommerce Partners



ECommerce Partners

ECommerce Partners is a professional digital marketing agency with locations in New York City, Germany, and Australia. Some e-commerce firms place a premium on innovation, while others place a premium on technology. We put our own creative and technical talent at the service of your online success, focusing on your business and its multichannel profitability. Read More


7. Break The Web



Break The Web

As a digital marketing agency based in New York, Break The Web offers PPC services to clients all around the city. Founded in 2009, this PPC agency has managed campaigns for both small and large enterprises alike. Read More


8. Empire Media


Empire Media

Empire Media is a New York-based PPC firm. It has worked on PPC marketing campaigns for both individual e-commerce entrepreneurs and major diversified businesses. Read More


9. Flightpath

Founded in 1994, Flightpath is a New York City-based PPC business. Search marketing PPC campaigns are handled by a creative digital marketing agency. Digital world competition is as strong as it is in nearly every business field. The long-term success of digital experiences is dependent on the ability of companies and NGOs to integrate sound strategy, a deep grasp of their audiences’ emotions, beautiful design, and in-depth research into the process. Read More


10. Griffon Webstudios

New York-based Griffon Webstudios is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in pay-per-click advertising. An expert in SEO, this firm helps clients design PPC ads that support their organic efforts and so improve return on investment. Read More


11. HUNTER Digital


HUNTER Digital

New York City-based HUNTER Digital has been named “Best Marketing Agency” by multiple publications in the Digital, Social, Paid Search and SEO industries. Throughout the years, our clients have praised us and awarded us with numerous honours. Read More


12. Jakt



Jakt is a design and development studio for digital products and services. Working with businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals, we design and develop custom digital products that address specific issues. How do we go about accomplishing this? With the help of product strategy, business strategy, design and software development. It is our goal to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2027 with solutions we have developed. Read More


13.  Levelwing



Founded in 2002, Levelwing is a full-service digital marketing agency active within the New York metro area. It structures PPC campaigns that incorporate the efforts of in-house creative services which may involve video and digital assets. Read More

14. Lounge Lizard


 Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a New York City-based digital marketing agency that provides services to organizations and enterprises. Target tactics and custom PPC campaigns are available to help you grow your website’s traffic and sales. Read More


16. OAK Digital


Ad agencies OAK Digital in NYC specialize in using the most cutting-edge PPC media buying tactics to bring in new clients via Facebook, Google, and other affiliate marketing channels. First, the firm conducts a competitive landscape analysis and reviews the client’s goals and financial statements. Read More


17. Amsive Digital


Amsive Digital

New York City and the neighboring areas are served by Amsive Digital, an online marketing agency. SEO, social media management, data and analytics, and sponsored search and media are just a few of the data-driven digital marketing services it provides. Read More


18. IG PPC Management


IG PPC Management

In its office near New York City, IG PPC Management is a digital marketing firm serving clients. For the development and management of customers’ pay-per-click advertising campaigns on search engine results and social media sites, the company conducts research on the target audiences and products of the clients. Read More¬†


19. Ondyr LLC


Ondyr LLC


Using SEO, PPC, and marketing analytics, Ondyr LLC‘s PPC services attempt to improve a client’s marketing efforts. Google Ads, PPC and SEM campaigns are the specialty of this New York City-based agency. Read More


20. Riseup Holdings

Riseup Holdings

New York-based digital marketing agency Riseup Holdings provides PPC ad services to clients across the city. There are hundreds of PPC campaigns that this business has managed for a wide range of customers. Read More


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