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About Terakeet

Terakeet is a Digital advertising agency with clients in Syracuse and the neighboring areas. They are very expert in SEO. From the executive suite to product marketing to public affairs and recruitment, every department will profit from a comprehensive organic search approach. Value in cross-channel marketing can be increased and siloed divisions brought into harmony with the help of their tools.

Brand and executive image management, lead generation and customer acquisition, content strategy, and e-commerce product sales are just some of the organic results solutions provided. Their team works with businesses to enhance brand marketing and client service.

Terakeet creates tools to better understand and communicate with users at any point in their experience. Whether they are undertaking top-of-funnel research, comparing products, or looking for your particular brand, their technologies aid in delivering both visibility and unmatched ROI at an infinite scale.

It has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of sectors, including retail, finance, healthcare, IT, the arts and entertainment, tourism and hospitality.



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Data and Market Intelligence from Terakeet

Terakeet’s organic search solutions involve exhaustive reporting on the success of your strategic campaigns, complete with insights into the market competition and the ways in which your efforts are being received.





Why Choose Terakeet?

  1. Committed to excellence, we labor tirelessly to uphold our five guiding principles.
  2. There is a strong moral responsibility for us to help those less fortunate. We collaborate with local nonprofits to improve people’s lives by applying our ingenuity, interest, and love of statistics to the problem.
  3. Our business is focused on helping the greater Syracuse community and is actively involved in charitable efforts. We care about the success of our city and area and work hard to make a difference there.
  4. Our tools help you increase your investment’s return by making better tactical and strategic choices regarding organic search optimization, uncovering new avenues of growth for your business, and adapting swiftly to the ever-shifting search landscape.


Contact Info

  • Address: 333 W. Washington St., Ste. 500, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • Phone: (315) 563-3349
  • Web: terakeet.com

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