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SGK is a multinational packaging and brand experience company that maintains its headquarters in London in addition to offices located all over the world. More than 5,800 people are employed by the organization in a variety of capacities, including but not limited to content marketing, branding, email marketing, event organizing, packaging design, social media management, and video production. Midmarket and smaller companies in the retail, financial services, and medical industries are the customers that SGK serves.


The package architecture and design work was contracted out to SGK by a company that specializes in food and beverages. SGK was responsible for everything from prototyping to offering ideas and insights as well as developing concepts. They also worked together with teams from within the company to test various packaging options in an effort to excite customers and make their overall experience better. SGK has been going above and beyond the expectations of the organization throughout this ongoing relationship.


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Their Services:

  • Packaging
  • Brand Experience
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Print Support


SGK makes packaging and brand experiences.

From the idea to the finished product, we provide packaging solutions and brand experiences that let brands speak up more, grow faster, and get stronger.


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  • Address: New York, NY
  • Phone: +1 2147894435
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