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East Village 92 E 7th St. New York, NY 10009+1 (212) 353-3647
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School For The Dogs


Since 2011, the New York City-based School for the Dogs has been assisting residents and their pets in their development. Our Certified Trainers use humane training methods to help you modify your dog’s behavior, establish leadership, and strengthen your relationship. At our East Village school, at your home, or online, you can train your dog.


This site offers a variety of training options, including private lessons, small group instruction, and even more advanced instruction. There are a number of interesting suggestions on the list, such as field trips and olfactory training, as well as lectures on forms, colors and numbers.



School For The Dogs


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What is it that makes us unique?

  • You’ll discover a wide range of options as well as a specialized team here.
  • A thorough understanding of human and canine psychology.
  • Certificates, in-house training, and more



  • Puppy Training- For puppies 6 months and younger.
  • Teen/Adult Training- For dogs 6 months and older.
  • Virtual Training- Training services for dogs of all ages.


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