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Louis Peters


He has spent the better part of the last six decades in Brooklyn, where he currently works as a Medicare plan specialist.


Louis Peters


He works with a number of different institutions, including Medicare and the medical system in New York as well as Oscar. There is a diverse selection of available health insurance plans for individuals and families, as well as dental and vision coverage, as well as Medicare Advantage and Supplement.


In additional to that, they provide services such as travel insurance and protection against identity theft. Customers are really grateful to Louis since he is able to foresee and resolve any issues that may arise before they even arise.


Louis Peters is customer focused.


My Medicare Specialists are amazing. Choosing a Medicare plan is difficult. We help seniors choose a Medicare plan. We’ll also explain Prescription Drug Plans and Dual Plans, which incorporate Medicare and Medicaid. We value your life. We learn about you so we can serve you well.



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  1. Louis Peters has won various awards and distinctions in this sector.
  2. Always on the lookout for ways to better serve his customers, Louis Peters strives to be the best.
  3. It’s our responsibility to assist the elderly in locating the best Medicare plan.
  4. Prescription Drug Plan options will also be discussed in detail, including Medicare and Medicaid Dual Plan options.
  5. New York City residents have a wide range of Medicare insurance options at their disposal.
  6. We’re here to assist you in making the most of your company.
  7. We can help you choose a coverage that fits your budget, whether it’s for your home, automobile, or company.



  • Health & Medicare
  • Defensive Driving
  • Dental & Vision
  • Other Insurance Services


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