Law Office of Seth D. Schraier, P.C.

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LLaw Office of Seth D. Schraier, P.C.


Located in New York City, the Law Office of Seth D. Schraier, PLLC assists clients who are dealing with complex matters pertaining to family law. The medical practice tailors its offerings to the particular requirements and goals of each individual patient. There are a variety of concerns that fall under this category, including contentious and uncontested divorces, child custody and visitation, paternity challenges, prenuptial agreements, and others.


Law Office of Seth D. Schraier, P.C.


A tense situation might be caused by a legal issue, especially if it affects members of the family. Having a compassionate counsel on your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case. You can take charge of your future by conferring with a knowledgeable New York City family law attorney, and it doesn’t matter whether you live in the city: Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx.


You may discover someone who will listen to your story, advocate for your rights, and put your family’s needs first by getting in touch with the Law Office of Seth D. Schraier, PC.


As a result of a student practice order, Seth Schraier was given the authority to preside over cases and take depositions while working in the Attorney General’s Office. This particular law firm has been offering legal services to clients ever since the year 2008.


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