Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

Bitcoin has overtaken the cryptocurrency world. Microsoft isn’t the only company that accepts cryptocurrency in the modern world. Bitcoin, the most popularly used digital currency, has been accepted as a legal payment method by a growing number of businesses. For example, topping up your Microsoft account with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin now permits those who do not have access to regular banks to send money. Over a third of small and medium-sized businesses accept Bitcoin as payment, as per a recent Hartford Steam Boiler poll. You can check our guideline top 8 apps for Cryptocurrency exchange.

Top listed Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment.

The following is a list of some of the world’s major companies that accept Bitcoin right now.

1. Microsoft | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin as payment for purchases made through its online Xbox Store in 2014. This is the first time it’s been done like this. People can use bitcoin to fund their Microsoft accounts, but they can also use it for a variety of other reasons, according to the software business.

Because it was so unpredictable, they stopped taking it and now only accept it in compensation for Xbox store credit. Xbox Live, Microsoft software, and games can all be purchased using bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is better than cash,” Bill Gates has remarked about Bitcoin.

2. Paypal | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

In the United States, PayPal customers can use cryptocurrencies in stores that accept PayPal payments, as well as buy and sell bitcoin through the online payment service. Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin are some of the cryptocurrencies that can be used at the business.

3. Wikipedia

It is an open-source encyclopedia that anybody can access. Bitcoin donations and money from people who want to help are now accepted by Wikipedia, which claims to be the world’s most comprehensive resource. The payment platform is run by BitPay, which is run by Wikimedia, the company that owns and operates the site..

4. Starbucks | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Starbucks said in January 2019 that it would start accepting Bitcoin payments in-store. This isn’t accurate. The Bitcoin community was disappointed by this news. Starbucks, on the other hand, learned that some of the stories were inaccurate after some time had passed. Because paying for your morning coffee with Bitcoin is currently not an option, you can fund your account using the coffee company’s app. Cash is also an option for payment for your coffee. For instance, if you utilize the Bakkt digital wallet program, a third-party digital wallet service, you may quickly convert your Bitcoin to dollars and use them at any of its partner establishments, such as Starbucks.

5. Namecheap

Namecheap has been accepting Bitcoin for web hosting and domain name registration since 2013. They are a pro-freedom online corporation recognized for accepting bitcoin and fighting for liberty. When you pay with Bitcoin, your Namecheap account is accordance with best practice.


6. AT&T

AT&T has become the first major U.S. wireless carrier to accept cryptocurrency payments using BitPay, a third-party payment processor. The transaction is complete once BitPay verifies the customer’s payment and accepts it on their behalf. Customers who want to pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can use the BitPay payment option.

7. Overstock  | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Coinbase has collaborated with one of America’s most well-known online businesses to accept bitcoins. Coinbase has teamed with Overstock, a well-known American online retailer, to accept Bitcoin payments. They discount high-ticket items due to oversupply. Before PayPal and Microsoft, Overstock accepted cryptocurrency payments.

8. Twitch

Twitch was the first streaming network to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method in 2014, becoming the first to do so. The Amazon-owned large game streaming network accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its services.

The corporation disabled this option in March, but it was restored in June. Coinbase, the world’s most popular streaming video network for games, requires different digital currencies such as PAX, BUSD, and GUSD in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP. Coinbase is the most popular gaming streaming video network in the world.


9. Amazon | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Amazon, the world’s largest online store, does not accept cryptocurrency payments directly at this moment, but you can purchase with Bitcoin through Purse.io. The platform connects people who have Bitcoin and want to buy things on Amazon with others who want to earn Bitcoin in exchange for performing orders.

10. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza chain, will accept Bitcoin in Venezuela starting in November 2020. This is in response to the country’s sanctions, that have led to a rise in bitcoin usage. Despite the fact that this is a tiny shift, it could foreshadow bigger things to come.

11. CheapAir

CheapAir, a 1989-founded online travel operator, now takes Bitcoin through Coinbase. The company switched to BTCPayServer after accepting bitcoin payments through Coinbase. Payment in BTC, ETH, USDC, GUSD, and DOGE is accepted for flights and hotel bookings.

12. Fast Food Restaurants

Pizza Hut and Burger King in Venezuela, KFC in Canada, Quiznos in Denver International Airport, and many Subway restaurants are among the businesses that take cryptocurrencies.

13. Home Depot

The home improvement company accepts Bitcoin via the Flexa digital payment system, which does not involve any additional hardware or software.

14. Burger King | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Burger King restaurants in Venezuela have partnered with Cryptobuyer, according to local press. Because of the partnership, Burger King locations will be able to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. In September 2019, Bitcon payments were enabled to Burger King’s website and mobile app. This is due to the fact that on September 3, 2019, the German branch began receiving Bitcon payments. Customers can use Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether, as well as a variety of other cryptocurrencies, to make purchases.

You can only pay with Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash if you order meals online through the Liefer service delivery service, which works with eateries all around the country.

15. Whole Foods | Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

The Flexa platform is used by Whole Foods and Home Depot, which is similar to what they do. Flexa can convert cryptocurrencies to dollars in a matter of seconds, making Bitcoin payments simple.

16. Rakuten

Rakuten Wallet allows customers to load bitcoin into Rakuten Cash. It also takes several other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

17.KFC | Bitcoin  Payment?

If you want to buy KFC Canada’s “Bitcoin Bucket,” you can exchange bitcoin for it for a limited time. The customer’s payment was taken care of by BitPay, and the bucket was sent to the customer’s home address.



Best accepts bitcoin in New York, NY

We’re now going to talk about some of the best businesses in New York City that accept bitcoin.

1. 3rd Universe Comic

Located in northern Westchester, 3rd Universe is a comic book, video game, and computer/copier repair shop. 3. For every Saturday, they have Pokemon League/Tournament events, as well as weekly Monday Night Magic tournaments.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:
Address: 35 N Riverside Ave
Croton On Hudson, NY 10520
Phone: (914) 827-3600
Web: www.3rduniverse.com

2. La Sirène-Soho

This is where it’s at. From the proprietor’s personal anecdotes sprinkled throughout the menu and recipes to the meticulously prepared flavors of the food. It’s all a joy to behold.

Everything tasted just like what it indicated on the menu. In particular, one sticks out as worthy of attention.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:
Address: 558 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Phone: (212) 925-3061
Web: lasirenenyc.com


3. 787 Coffee

Our favorite thing about coffee is that it gives us the opportunity to meet new people. Caffeine provides a boost of power. a gift from earth, a beginning of lovely things to come

Coffee has a wonderful aroma and flavor that we find irresistible. For both ourselves and for the rest of the world, it provides a calming effect.

Every step of the coffee-making process is carried out on our farm in Puerto Rico’s highest highlands, where we grow and roast our own beans. Because we care about both the quality of our beans and the future of the world, we only use environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:
Address: 101 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003
Phone: (646) 838-9890
Web: www.787coffee.com


4. Taureau

Wonderful and more full than imagined, the fondue is a real treat. There was a polite waitress at this establishment. Although the venue isn’t cheap, the cash-only restriction does make it difficult, but it’s still a wonderful experience.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:

Address: 558 Broome St New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 228-2222
Web: hwww.taureaunyc.com


5. Brooklyn Video Games

Is your house full of ancient games and consoles? Brooklyn Video Games is a one-stop shop where you can either cash in on your old stuff or trade it in for one of our many gaming consoles, games, and accessories. Sell and buy video games. The address is 6801 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Open Monday-Saturday from 12-6pm (PST). Sunday, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

You can save a lot of money on the newest games, or you can choose from a large selection of classic games. Your one-stop gaming shop is right here.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:
Address: 6801 20th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11204
Phone: (347) 314-3267, (347) 713-8328
Web: brooklynvideogames.com


6. Scotts Flowers NYC

Manhattan’s most prestigious florist is run by a family. Since 1947, we’ve been creating classic, modern, and avant-garde flower arrangements.

Professionally arranged flowers from all over the world. Flowers for business, lobbies, and that special someone. Scotts Flowers in New York City consistently outperforms the competition.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:
Address: 15 west 37th street New York, NY, US 10018
Phone: (347) 309-4103
Web: www.scottsflowersnyc.com


7. La Sirène-UWS

Since 2008, La Sirène-UWS has been serving traditional French cuisine and recipes. On Friday and Saturday nights, reservations are welcomed and highly recommended.

Cash, personal checks (with address), American Express, and major cryptocurrencies are all gratefully accepted.

Our Upper West Side location only accepts major credit cards.

Use our Open Table widget to make a reservation, or phone us at the location of your choice to make a reservation.

Accepts Cryptocurrency: Yes

Contact Info:

Address: 416 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024
Phone: +1 917-261-5279
Web: lasirenenyc.com


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