Top Ten Driving Schools in Brooklyn

US Mule CDL Driving School

A driving school is required to fulfill a number of prerequisites in Brooklyn, which are detailed in Commissioner’s Regulations Part 76 (PDF) and Section 394 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (PDF). One of these prerequisites is that the driving school must have at least one certified driving instructor who possesses at least 1,000 hours of experience teaching students behind the wheel.

Top Driving Schools in Brooklyn


1. Left Turn Driving School


Left Turn Driving School


Left Turn Driving School is provided by professional driving instructors and presents the most in-depth program available to meet the requirements of both novice and seasoned drivers. Read More


2. Real Auto Driving School



When you enroll in Real Auto Driving School, you’ll receive the defensive driving instruction you need to become a safe and responsible driver. Normal, non-commercial driving instruction is what they provide. Read More


3. Fuzion Driving School


Fuzion Driving School


The top driving school in Brooklyn can assist you in passing your road test on the first go. The team and instructors at Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn are here to assist you on your path to learning to drive, passing your road test, and eventually receiving your driver’s license. Read More


4. US Mule CDL Driving School


US Mule CDL Driving School

Driving lessons for cars, cdl trailer trucks, buses, motorcycles, and even forklifts are all available at US Mule CDL Driving School at reasonable rates and taught by qualified instructors. Read More


5. Pierre Paul Driving School


Pierre Paul Driving School

Pierre Paul Driving School is a top choice for learning to drive in Brooklyn, with 15 years of experience in the industry. They have all the proper credentials and have earned the respect and confidence of adults and children alike with their patient, kind, and well-informed service. Read More


6. Ferrari Driving School


Ferrari Driving School


The Ferrari Driving School has more students than any other driving school in the New York area combined. A company is run by the same family since its inception in 1968, when its core beliefs of reliability and service to customers were established. Read More


7. Colwell’s Auto Driving School


Colwell's Auto Driving School
For almost 50 years, the Colwell family has managed Colwell’s Auto Driving School, providing driving lessons in the Bronx. Here in the Bronx, New York, we offer driving lessons for automatic cars that can be used in road tests. Read More



8. Gold Success Driving School


Gold Success Driving School

Gold Success Driving School, which is based out of Elmhurst, Queens, has been teaching aspiring motorists from all around the New York metropolitan area how to get their licenses since 2010. Read More

9. A B S Driving School


A B S Driving School


Eastern Queens has been home to the reputable and experienced A B S Driving School for more than 20 years. They take particular satisfaction in instructing their pupils with respect and decency and they are aware that every kid learns in a special manner. Read More



10. Fourth Dimension Driving School


Fourth Dimension Driving School


Taking the test with Fourth Dimension Driving School requires one driving lesson. Many different options are available to meet your needs. They want you to recall as much information as possible, so they pack as much as they can into each session. Read More



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