Top Auto Body Shops in New York City

Top Auto Body Shops in New York, NY

Anywhere in New York City, from Manhattan to Staten Island to the Bronx to Brooklyn, imagine that your vehicles suddenly quit working in the middle of your journey. That is not a concern. You might require information on auto body shops in New York City as well as vehicle repair shops in New York, NY.


Due to many auto body shops in New York City, your hazard will be solved. You can be back on the road quickly if you need to fix or repair your vehicle. The best and top auto body shops in New York, NY, are now at hand.

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List of the best Auto Body Shops in New York City


1.  A & B Collision Center


A & B Collision Center is an auto body and repair shop that is owned and run by the same family. It has two locations, one in Staten Island, New York, and the other in Matawan, New Jersey. Read More


2.  ABC Collision


At ABC Collision in Brooklyn, New York, they offer a wide range of high-quality services in their paint, body, and mechanical shops. Since they are a direct repair shop for nine insurance companies, the work their professionals do on car bodies is thorough, safe, and reliable. Read More


3. Auto Dent Collision Corp.


Auto Dent Collision Corp. is a company in Brooklyn that fixes cars that have been in accidents in the area. This facility offers services like auto body repair, dent removal, collision repair, and auto body painting. Read More


4. Dale- Way Auto Body Center


Dale Way Auto Body Center is a full-service auto repair shop in the Bronx, New York. Some of the things they do are auto body repair, damage repair from vandalism and/or theft claims, insurance claim management, cheap car rental, and more. Read More

5. Dent Terminator


Dent Terminator in Brooklyn, New York City, offers services like removing dents without painting and fixing light scratches. You can also get your windows replaced, have your car tinted, or have it polished. The company is known for providing good services at low prices, both in and outside of the area where it works. Read More


6. Don Joe Auto Body


Don Joe Auto Body is a good choice for people in Great Neck, New York, and the nearby towns. No one wants to deal with collision repair or getting a broken or dented car back to its original state, but the experienced mechanics at the facility know this and try to make their services as easy as possible. Read More




J&J Prestige Auto Collision & Repair Inc. is an auto body shop in New York City that helps owners of both American and foreign cars get back on the road. The group is also in charge of towing and painting cars. Read More


8. King’s County Auto Body, Inc.


In just a few short hours, King’s County Car Body, Inc., an auto body and repair firm located in Brooklyn, New York, can restore damaged automobiles to their pre-collision appearance. Read More

9. Nassau Collision Corp.


Nassau Collision Corp. works in Floral Park, New York City, and the areas around it. They work with all insurance companies to fix cars and get them back to the way they were before an accident. Read More

10. NYC Auto Body


NYC Auto Body helps people in New York, New York with auto body repair and other services. They offer a wide range of auto body repair services, such as flatbed service that is available 24 hours a day, collision repair, auto glass replacement, car detailing, and colour matching. Read More

11. Precision Auto Works


In the New York City neighborhood known as Long Island City, you’ll find the auto repair shop known as Precision Auto Works. They perform everything, from NYS inspections and transmission repairs to vehicle body and accident repairs and insurance claims. Read More


12. Sonny’s Collision Specialists


Ozone Park, New York, and the surrounding communities are served by Sonny’s Collision Specialists, a full-service auto body and collision repair company. Painting, estimating, and preparing damage reports are just some of the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Read More


13. Tedesco Auto Body


New Rochelle, New York-based Tedesco Auto Body repairs everything from broken glass to serious damage. They specialise in dent removal, paintless dent repair, and mending both the frame and the body of the vehicle. Read More

14. The Collision Star


Collision Star is well-known for having highly skilled mechanics on staff who are able to repair dents and dings on vehicles and provide general care for them. This New York collision repair business is proud of how honest and trustworthy Read More


15. Ultimate Auto Body


New York’s Ultimate Auto Body is in Mt. Vernon, and it fixes cars that have been in accidents and fixes their bodies. Its goal is to serve the area around it. They have a body shop, services for painting and refinishing, cleaning, and fixing glass and windshields. Read More


16. Kings County Auto Body


Kings County Auto Body is the best auto shop in New York. Since 1993, cars from Toyota, BMW, Honda, GM, and other brands have been fixed. They are used by other brands. Read More


17. Twins Collision Inc


M&B Twins collision is a Long Island City, New York-based car body company run by a family of the same name. Read More



18. Gotham City Collision

Gotham City Collision is a collision repair shop that also offers mechanical work. Queens is just a short drive from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. All repairs come with a lifetime warranty. It means a lot to us that you have confidence in us. Read More


19. Marmin Auto Body


Marmin Auto Body is a one-stop shop. There is no job too big or too small for our “ASE” and “I-CAR” qualified technicians. We have a 27,500-square-foot facility. Read More


20. Autotech Collision

Autotech Collision can fix both small dents and major damage to the car’s structure. Accidents are a problem for people who own cars. After an accident, you need a body shop that can fix your car quickly. Read More


21. NY City Automotive Inc


NY City Automotive Inc has 35 years of auto industry experience since 1983. Our shop’s proprietor is auto-savvy. He wanted to work on beautiful vehicles like his father and uncle. Read More


22. Boynton Auto Body Inc


Boynton Auto Body has repaired vehicles for nearly 30 years. We value exceptional service and honesty on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We’re experts at auto exteriors. Read More


23. Nocera Auto Repair And Collision


Nocera Auto Repair is always concerned about the well-being of your family, which is why we only perform repairs of the highest possible quality. The procedures that we use come from your vehicle’s original manufacturer, I-CAR, and Tech Cor, which are recognised as the most reliable sources of trusted repair procedures. Read More

24. Vintage Autobody NYC

Vintage Auto Body is a factory-authorized body shop that works with all major insurance providers and offers on-site car rental. Westbury, New York accident repair centre. Vintage guarantees body and paint work for life. Read More



Final Words

For those who have a pre-existing vehicle that needs fixing, we’re here to help. In New York City, you’ll find a wide range of auto body shops, including some of the most well-known in the world. In order to make an informed decision, you should check out their websites and see what other customers are saying about them. They also need to be checked for their prices. Finally, we wish you the best of luck with your auto body shops in New York, NY from the top auto body shops in the city.



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