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Voy is a digital marketing agency that assists local businesses in New York City and the surrounding areas in growing their brands and customer bases. The company’s employees sell advertisements on several sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.



Voy Media is an independent Facebook advertising agency with its headquarters in New York City. We assist companies of a size between mid-sized and enterprise level in scaling their sales efforts by utilizing the entirety of Facebook’s advertising platform. They are experts in e-commerce, mobile direct response and customer acquisition, as well as lead creation and lead generation. When it comes to the results, they can communicate with you on your level.


Advertising agency in New York City, New York


It offers a wide range of services, including copywriting, video editing and production, graphic design and illustration, product and lifestyle photography, and more. The firm counts well-known companies including Lacoste, Zumba, Big Life Journal, and Paw as some of its clients. Voy is a corporation that has been around for five years.


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Why Choose Voy?


  • We take full responsibility for our own endeavors while encouraging the development of those of others.
  • Not only do we have a growth attitude, but we also work hard and play hard.
  • We are seasoned professionals who welcome innovation.
  • We have an imaginative side but also a strategic one.
  • We’re not afraid to say what we think but are also accepting of other points of view.


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