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Sneakers Apps

Sneakers makes apps and is based in Manhattan. It makes apps for mobile devices that help organizations reach their goals. Its lean and agile design method lets users give feedback right away, which helps validate findings.


Sneakers Apps



We know how hard it is to design and make a mobile app because we’ve used our Sneakers Mobile App Process to finish projects for over 60 businesses. Our Sneakers Mobile App Process helps you find the right market fit for your product, grow faster, and avoid losing clients and future investments because of a mobile app that doesn’t work well.


Sneakers has made more than 40 iOS apps, more than 15 Android apps, and more than 20 web apps for clients like Equinox, Microsoft, and Zagat. It chose the name “Sneakers” because its goal is to make technology for people who are active.

Why is it called “Sneakers”?

People often ask, “Why are you called Sneakers?” In short, we like apps and wanted to capture the idea of making tech for people who are always on the go. After looking for words that had to do with movement, we came up with the name Sneakers.


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Why choose us?

  1. We are obsessed with applications because we believe that since people use their phones frequently, they should have access to well-designed apps.
  2. We collaborate with you to make sure you’re creating the ideal product for your target market.
  3. With cutting edge, contemporary design, we bring your ideas to life.
  4. We work to make sure you launch with cutting-edge, broadly used technology stacks.
  5. To assist you in attracting clients, we can help you create a growth strategy for your service.


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