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Little Bees


Little Bees is a maid service in New York that is owned and operated by a family and is insured. Since the year 1999, the Little Bees have made it a habit to clean up after themselves. Your home will shine like new thanks to our cleaning service, and everyone will remain in good health. Allow our Little Bees to brighten up and improve the health of your home.


It can be difficult to decide which cleaning service to use in New York City due to the abundance of options. Others provide cleaning services at a predetermined hourly charge. In the cleaning industry, checklists are always used. That list is missing the vast majority of the things that are necessary for cleaning and organizing your home. So, you get a surprise charge.


That will never occur when you use the cleaning service provided by Little Bees. Ours is one of the few cleaning companies in New York that not only does an excellent job of cleaning but also manages to keep our charges to a minimum. You may discover a breakdown of our cleaning prices, including both hourly and set rates, on the page dedicated to our pricing options. You have the option of picking the one that best meets your requirements.


Your home will always be clean and healthy thanks to our weekly cleaning service. The maids at Little Bees will always do their best to fulfill your requirements. In need of a thorough cleaning? Using the Little Bees cleaning service, your home will be left spotless. Your windows will be polished to a sparkling appearance by the staff as well. In addition to cleaning windows, the individuals who do so also clean chandeliers, mirrors, and hard water stains.


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Friendly and Professional:

Since 1999, our company has been training new professionals on a continual basis in order to provide you with a brand new and happy house. Little Bees will only consider the most qualified candidates for employment. Every clean, well-mannered, and capable maid in your house will arrive on time and be ready to attend to any requests you may have. Our housekeepers are selected based on their prior work history as well as their references. When hired, our maids receive instruction from our most seasoned cleaning staff members. The housekeepers and cleaners that we employ are among the very best in the industry.


Affordable Budget :

How do we determine the amount that we will charge you? We determine how much it will cost you by taking into account the size of your house or apartment as well as the level of difficulty involved in cleaning it. In addition to that, we will formulate a bespoke cleaning program according to your requirements. This will help you save money while at the same time providing you with the highest possible level of service.


Green Cleaning Service:

Our eco-friendly cleaning services are second to none, and we only use products that are safe and natural. Those who suffer from allergies as well as parents of young children will find this service to be extremely helpful. The elimination of airborne pollutants is one of the many health benefits of green cleaning. There is no charge.


Our schedule fits yours :

Get your house in order to start the week off right. Your home can be cleaned by Little Bees on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your preference. You just need a little bit of more assistance, right? One-time cleaning services are provided by our company.


Our service is the full package :

Not only do we offer a house cleaning service of the highest caliber, but we also have skilled window cleaners. These window washers have liability insurance and make use of advanced protective equipment. Even if your property is located on the 25th level, the window cleaners from our company will come to your location.


What We Offer?


  • Maid Service
  • Professional Window Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Organic Carpet Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning NYC
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning Manhattan
  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • Closet Organizing
  • Rug Cleaning Brooklyn
  • Sofa Cleaning NYC
  • Carpet Installation


Our Top Quality and Professional Cleaning Services :

Deep Cleaning :

This is of utmost significance if you haven’t cleaned in a while or if you are moving to a new location. Cleaning on a deeper level either before or after moving in or out enables our personnel to perform to the best of their abilities. Because there is no furniture in the house, we will concentrate on making every part of your property seem its very best. We are able to assist you in packing and unpacking your belongings, however there will be an additional charge.


Post Construction Cleaning :

To bring out a home’s full potential, it takes a team of accountable individuals. Our Little Bees are skilled enough to satisfy even the most particular of patrons. Your home will be immaculate from the very top to the very bottom. We start up at the top and work our way down to the bottom. Your home will have a fresh and modern appearance after Little Bees have been there.


Professional Window Cleaning :

After the Little Bees have finished cleaning your windows, light will once again shine through, and the glass will be spotless. In addition to that, we will clean the window frames, screens, storm windows, and child safety guards. Where do you call home? Is it a townhouse, a brownstone, or a building with 25 stories? We are more than happy to clean your windows regardless.


Our window cleaners are safe :

We place a high importance on safety. Without it, our window washers won’t be able to complete their jobs. Every employee at Little Bees is required to conduct a risk assessment before taking any risks. We utilize fall protection equipment that was designed expressly for our workforce to ensure their safety.


Professional Closet Organizer :

Organization is neither a quality or a natural ability; rather, it is a skill that must be mastered. Organization is a skill that can be gained by everyone. Organizing is only one of the many services that Little Bees offers. We are able to either assist you with organizing your closet or instruct you on how to do the task on your own. We organize cabinets, shelves, walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and walk-in closets in addition to other areas. After our knowledgeable organizers have finished their work, your closet will continue to be arranged for a significant amount of time after they have left. Do not accept the current state of your closet; instead, let us to organize it.


Professional Chandeliers Cleaning :

Cleaning chandeliers calls for a delicate touch. Due to the fact that each one contains a variety of components, cleaning a chandelier requires both time and perseverance. Our knowledgeable team has completed this task in the past. We clean chandeliers of every conceivable size and design. We are able to clean crystal chandeliers that were either manufactured to order or purchased from a store. Our products include no corrosive cleaners. Only organic products are used in our operation.


Contact Info :

Address: P.O. Box 230261, New York, NY 10023
Phone: 646-464-2992

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