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Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin, P.C.


The law firm of Mindin & Mindin, P.C. assists New York City couples who are filing child support claims. Its services reduce the stress associated with getting a divorce by being prompt, professional, and compassionate.

Child support, along with visitation rights, is among the most crucial parts of any matter brought before a family court that involves minor children.

Child maintenance is also known as support and can be ordered by the court. The laws of child support oblige both married and unmarried parents to financially provide for their children, regardless of which parent has custody of the child(ren).

To a very limited extent, a parent is required to financially support their child until the youngster turns 18. Child support is a court-ordered maintenance payment that is subject to review if there is a change in either the payer’s income or their circumstances.


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  • Divorce
  • Marital Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Same Sex / LGBTQ Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Custody and Visitation
  • Orders of Protection


Why Choose MINDIN & MINDIN, P.C.?

  1. We promise to put all of our understanding and effort into solving your legal problem.
  2. We promise to keep having to learn and keep up with changes to the law so that we can represent you well.
  3. We are a small law firm in New York City that only deals with family and marriage law.
  4. We give you the kind of personal attention you can’t get from bigger companies.
  5. We are here to notice your story, figure out what the problem is, and come up with a plan to help you get a fair solution to your legal problem.

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  • Address: 61 Broadway – Suite 1315, New York, NY 10006
  • Phone: (718) 785-3292
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  • Facebook: mindinlaw


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