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250 West 55th Street New York NY 10019-9710  +1 212 836 8000
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Type: Privet
Industry: Law firms
Founders: Benjamin Kaye and Jacob Scholer.
Date founded:1917
Company type: Limited liability partnership
Website: www.arnoldporter.com

About :

Looking for the best law firm in NYC?

Looking for top law firm in New York?

So, you can select Kaye Scholer as your dream  law firm to find your  required  Appropriate legal services firm.

Visit Kaye Scholer You can know more details about us.

Now we are going to  talk    regarding the Kaye Scholer having  all   particulars  about this company.  Kaye Scholer is a  well known  Legal service  business   in New York and it is maintaining quality service for their  standard  business.  As Kaye Scholer is a leading Legal service  industry in New York, it is contributing to generate  profit .

It has a good command all over the New York and is capable  to serve clients nationwide  the  overall.

I think Kaye Scholer is the best option  as they  provide   extra special with litigation  help to ensure every  purchaser  has an enjoyable exploit .

Kaye Scholer is a big service-based law firm  covering on  Business, finance, taxation, litigation/corporate affairs, conflicts,   copyrights, antitrust,  labor,  political, and social matters.

Kaye Scholer is well-suited to assist/help clients to  resolve  legal matter   and  control  legal  cause throughout the  United States.


Why choose us?

  • Comprising a team of attorneys with an established evidence of  helping  client,
  • Has a good reputation for long time practicing the law,
  • Very well known for handling a number of   distinguished  legal cases.
  • Faithful Law firm in NYC,
  • Covering a variety of legal services,
  • Offer lawful  support services including litigation support, trial preparation and court filing services,
  • Committed to serving quality and quick service and get team atmosphere


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