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Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer


Juan Luciano has assisted his clients in making objective judgments regarding their families and their futures over the course of the previous fifteen years. In the New York City area, Juan Luciano assists clients with legal matters pertaining to divorce, child support, alimony, and visitation rights.


The divorce process and child custody arrangements are handled differently by each husband and wife. In many cases, this is one of the primary reasons why couples decide to end their marriage. However, when it comes to co-parenting children during and after a divorce, each partner is faced with the obligation to work together — sometimes for the first time — to prioritize the needs of the children over their own needs. This can be a challenge for everyone involved. Both the parent who does not have custody and the parent who does have custody are impacted.


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  • Alimony Attorney
  • Contested Divorce Lawyer
  • Child Support Lawyer
  • High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer
  • Same Sex Divorce Lawyer
  • Uncontested Divorce Lawyer
  • Child Custody Lawyer
  • Family Law
  • Visitation Rights
  • Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer
  • Separation Agreement Attorney

Experienced Family law and Child support attorney

As an experienced family law and child support attorney, they are familiar with the complexities of the law and will assist you in managing those complexities while keeping the requirements of the children in mind at all times.


Luciano has been given permission to represent both minors and adults in matters pertaining to family law by the First Judicial Department of the Appellate Division. His legal solutions for child support issues include, but are not limited to, determining the income and payments of non-custodial parents, enforcing the requirement that child support be paid, and filing support modification petitions.


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