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5901 Glenwood rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234(347) 307-5109
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Gomillionaire Cleaning is a full-service cleaning company that provides residents of New York City with assistance in all aspects of the cleaning process. The team offers one-time, periodic, and deep cleaning services for a variety of fixtures and fittings, including ovens, inside windows, and baseboards, in addition to individualized cleaning schedules that are designed to cater to the requirements that are unique to each specific customer.


In addition to weekly and monthly cleaning, move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning are also taken care of by the company’s cleaners. Clients have access to additional cleaning services provided by the team, including cleaning of refrigerators and ovens. The company Gomillionaire Cleaning is dedicated to the creation of healthy homes through the use of solutions that are favorable to the environment and contain essential oils.


Finish each project in a timely manner:


GOMILLIONAIRECLEANING is a house cleaning business that operates in the Canarsie 11234 area, in addition to the Canarsie 11236 neighborhood, and we serve both of these areas. We finish every project on schedule while adhering to the highest possible quality and craftsmanship standards. We continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our consumers by placing a significant emphasis on individualized service, aggressive pricing, and the satisfaction of our clients.


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