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125 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019 United States+1-212-424-8000
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Company type: Limited liability partnership
Industry: Law Firm


Think about the best law firm in NYC?

Think about reputed legal services in NYC?

This is why, you can choose Dewey & Leboeuf as your trusted  law firm to find your needed Appropriate legal services firm.

Visit Dewey & Leboeuf you can know more details about us.

Here we are going to discuss   about the Dewey & Leboeuf providing all information about this company.  Dewey & Leboeuf is a famous  Legal service industry  in New York and it is maintaining quality service for their quality business.  As Leboeuf is a leading Legal service   business in New York it is contributing to generate revenue.

It has a good demand all over the New York and is able to serve clients nationwide the board.

I think Dewey & Leboeuf is the best option because offer special with litigation support to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience.

Dewey & Leboeuf is a big service-based law firm dealing with  on  Business, finance, taxation, litigation , conflicts, patents , antitrust, property, arbitration/political, and social matters.

Dewey & Leboeuf is well-suited to assist clients to resolve  legal issues and manage  litigation action  throughout the New York.

Why choose us? 

  • Comprising a team of attorneys with an established record of assisting
  • Offer legal support services including litigation support, trial preparation and court filing services,
  • Long time practicing the law and is well recognized ,
  • Very famous for handling a number of high-profile legal cases.
  • Trusted Law firm in NYC
  • Covering a variety of legal services,
  • Dedicated to serving quality and quick service and get team atmosphere

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