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Design Me Marketing



About Design Me Marketing

Design MEĀ Marketing, based in Deer Park, NY, gives comprehensive web design and SEO to clients in the US and Canada. It grows businesses through industry-standard web design and digital marketing.


Customized SEO services produce leads, traffic, and consumers. It advertises itself on social media. Digital marketing solutions are created by auditing websites, keywords, and competitors. Design Me Marketing is 25 years old.

Web marketing varies. You need a business strategy. Our customers love this about us. We enjoy knowing about your ambitions. Building a web success blueprint requires this information. More than just website traffic. It’s about getting profitable website traffic.


Industry-Leading SEO Company

With over 25 years of knowledge in SEO, Design ME Marketing has become one of the top SEO firms in the globe. A transparent plan based on facts, ongoing iterative improvement, real-time rankings tracking, and weekly gains in organic visibility. A new technique of search engine optimization that increases both traffic and sales.

Creative Website Designs

Our team at Design ME Marketing is delighted to have created some of the most creative and efficient websites in the industry. We’ll make a site that looks great and is optimized for conversions. To ensure your website stands out from the competition, we actively monitor industry trends in web design. Along with businesses from all around the world, we’ve created websites that visitors to their sites will never forget.

PPC/Display Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the best tactics to get targeted visitors to your website or landing page. Pay per click campaigns turn marketing expenditure into effective web activity. Design ME Marketing manages successful PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Maximize your marketing spend. Our specialists thoroughly analyze your aims. We will recommend the appropriate platforms for your paid ad campaign(s) and manage all other aspects based on your goals.

Social Media Management

Marketing on social media is powerful. All demographics and interests utilize it every day. Design ME Marketing helps businesses develop brand awareness, influence, and customers using social media. A corporate page isn’t enough anymore.

Engagements, content strategy, and advertising are full-time jobs! When trends change, businesses struggle to keep up. Effectiveness takes time, which in today’s business climate is worth more than money.

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Why Choose Design Me Marketing?


  1. We’re just going to concentrate on this one thing. We love helping the company expand by employing cutting-edge methods of site design, search engine optimization, and customer persuasion.
  2. Someone, somewhere, is always searching for exactly what you’re providing. Design ME is the PPC firm you need if you want to dominate the SERPs for the keywords that will bring you more customers.
  3. Founded in 2015, Design ME is a full-service digital marketing firm.
  4. Our mission is to develop and supervise programs that boost your efforts to expand your company online.
  5. We have a really specific method. To guarantee the success of your campaign, the Design ME crew will go to any length.
  6. All of our social media accounts are regularly updated, we handle all content creation and administration, we run social media advertising campaigns, and we provide the most thorough reporting and expert brand consultancy.
  7. To help you conquer social media and expand your brand, Design ME Marketing offers the knowledge and experience to get the job done.


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  • Address: 375 Commack Rd., Deer Park, NY 11729
  • Phone: +1 855-969-5541, (631) 888-9205
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How far is Deer Park from Huntington?

There are 9 miles between Huntington and Deer Park. The road is 10.9 miles away.


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