Best School Supply Stores in NYC

Best School Supply Stores in NYC

The school year 2021–2022 is quickly approaching, and these wonderful school supplies stores can assist you! You’ll need pencils, notebooks, binders, and interesting gadgets to send your kids back to school in style, so stop by one of these school supply stores to grab everything you need without having to make a million journeys around the neighborhood.


List of Best School Supply Stores in NYC :

1. Tannens 149 Stationery

Tannens 149 Stationery


As a big supply store that carries both school and business supplies, Tannens 149 is an excellent choice. All kinds of writing implements, including pens, pencils, books, posters, and more, should be on hand.


The Bronx and upper Manhattan communities have relied on Tannen’s for office supplies and educational materials since 1938, when the company was founded. The store has been run by the same family for more than seven decades. Our experienced and pleasant staff is committed to providing our customers with the finest possible service.


Quality office supplies, like exquisite pens and stationary, are available at our store. Workbooks, trimmers, fadeless paper, and BBsets are all available in our educational section. In addition to educational games and puzzles, we have a variety of educational activities.


Website :


2. Gramco School & Craft Supplies

Gramco School & Craft Supplies


Gramco has been supplying high-quality products and excellent customer service for decades in the educational and institutional market. In launching our new online catalog, we are delighted to continue providing our customers with the superior service and attention they have come to expect from us. You can reach a member of our friendly customer care staff at any time during regular business hours.


It’s much more exciting for kids to shop for school supplies and notebooks at this discount supply store because it has a broad variety of brands, colors, and designs to choose from. Gramco’s own products, which are typically less priced, will be available, as well as well-known brands like Mead and Sharpie.


Website :


3. Staples



Update your workspace with a few tweaks. Entrance with coat tree or stand and cozy accent chairs. Choose a comfortable gaming chair or a standing desk for more energy. As the days grow shorter, keep your workspace bright with LED desk lights and warm with a space heater. Desktop letter trays collect papers neatly. To avoid running out of copy and printer paper, keep an additional ream in the file cabinet. Keep the crew hydrated with refreshments.


To be successful, you need more than just the correct products. We can provide you with a wide range of business services, including print and marketing, furniture and design, installation, and managed print services. Let’s speak about how much we can help you with.


If you want to keep back-to-school shopping simple, this chain retailer is the way to go. Staples is a great place to get school supplies for your child, whether they are in middle school or college. Yes, staples are sold there, but you can also buy devices such as printers, laptops, and monitors.


Website :

4. Teacher’s Choice

Teacher's Choice


For instructional toys, learning games and arts & crafts, think of Teacher’s Choice. Teachers and students will be able to stock up on resources for the classroom. You’ve seen these on the walls of primary schools, haven’t you? There must be a source for them!


Teaching aids, classroom decor, instructional toys, art supplies, science fair kits, test prep books, children’s stories, workbooks, bulletin board sets, educational posters and charts—all of it can be found at Teachers Choice—as well as a variety of other products including awards and certificates.


It’s possible to get laminating done on location. Teachers Choice offers laminated posters, charts, and other classroom decor, as well as student artwork. Laminating at Teachers Choice can extend the life of your materials for many years. For parents, instructors, tutors and students, Teachers Choice is a one-stop shop.


Website :


5. Target



It’s impossible to find anything here that you don’t already own. In addition to stocking up on school supplies for their children, parents can also stock up on a few new goods for themselves—and all without going over their budgets.


East River Plaza in Harlem has a Target store as does the rest of NYC. Yoobi, a company that contributes an item to a classroom in need with every purchase, includes aisles of binders, patterned composition notebooks, and pencil cases.


But these locations are so much more than just buildings or dots on a map; they’re a part of Target’s culture. Strategy, service, community and enjoyment are all at play in these places. To bring the magic of Target to life and bring joy to our customers’ everyday lives, our extraordinary staff works across the globe.


Website :


6. Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store


At Annie’s, we work hard every day so you don’t have to! At the very least, when it comes to giving gifts. Your employer, neighbor’s son, closest friend, mom, yourself, and many others will all benefit from our aid in locating “just the perfect something special” for them.


We opened in Brooklyn, NY thirteen years ago and have been serving the community ever since. Annie grew up in rural New Jersey, visiting general stores all along the east coast and participating in her local 4H program, where she always aimed for the blue ribbons. The shop idea came from the same place as BEST IN SHOW. Annie & Co. continue to bring the “best of life under one roof” to receive the blue ribbon for enjoyment and function.


This Brooklyn boutique sells unique products that will make your children’s school supplies stand out. Students will enjoy selecting emoji-themed bento lunch boxes, Kanken backpacks, macaron-shaped erasers, and rocket pencils. Any kid will be excited to return to school with such a fantastic stockpile.


Website :


7. CW Pencil Enterprise

CW Pencil Enterprise


As it turns out, there are hundreds of others who enjoy the intricacies of this unique and antique writing utensil. With Gestalten, I released my first book, The Pencil Perfect: The Untold Story of a Cultural Icon, in 2015, and in 2017, we relocated to our new, larger location on Orchard Street.


We updated our business (and re-launched our website!) in 2021 with the help and collaboration of my outstanding staff to cover all of the various categories of office supplies we use and enjoy.


CW Pencil Enterprise wants you to rediscover the thrill of taking your time and enjoying the tactility of analog tools. We hope that you’ll always leave our shop (or our website) feeling like you learned something and discovered a little slice of magic, whether it’s to learn about the histories of objects, or to seek recommendations for your perfect pencil, or simply to find a better, more mindful version of an everyday desk tool.


If your child wants their school supplies to stand out, CW Pencil Enterprise is the place to go. You may stock up on essentials such as composition notebooks (in a variety of colors! ), but you can also get some unique eraser sets, pencil pouches, and fun planners. All of the other students in class will be envious.


Website :

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