A backend developer takes responsibility for the development of server-side applications, which usually calls for knowledge of web server software, databases, and the operating systems on which they work. A complete illustration of free software would be the Linux operating system, a web server such as Nginx or Apache, and a database such as MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

Technology such as PHP, which is just one example of a scripting language that runs on the server and transmits HTML to browsers on the front end, muddies the waters between backend and frontend development.

The most widely used server-side language for programming on the internet is PHP, which is used to power WordPress and a number of other widely used content management systems (CMSs), in addition to popular development frameworks such as Laravel. Despite this, software developers may make use of programming languages and frameworks such as C# and Microsoft’s.NET, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js.

Backend developers are likely to work in close collaboration with members of the team who are responsible for the client-facing side of a website. The establishment of application programming interfaces (APIs) that support frontend services with a reduced need for tight coupling between the two sides can also be part of the server-side development process.



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