All Broadway shows with tickets available now

All Broadway shows with tickets available now

The following is a list of all Broadway shows for which you can now buy tickets in advance. Many are returning favorites, such as Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Hadestown.

Others, like Company, Six, and the much-anticipated production of The Music Man starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, were originally scheduled to open last year but were pushed back. Pass Over and Thoughts of a Colored Man are two new additions this season.

In the event that further 2021 performances are announced, we’ll keep you informed by adding new dates to this page. These Broadway plays currently have tickets available for purchase.


Midtown West

Get tickets to Hadestown
Photograph : Courtesy Matthew Murphy

As in the Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice, the lad meets a girl, loses her, and returns to her in an attempt to find her again. It’s a familiar tune, Hermes (André De Shields, a master of arch razzle-dazzle) declares. Then, “and we’ll sing it once more.” Anas Mitchell’s musical rendition and Rachel Chavkin’s dramatic production bring this well-known narrative to life in a fresh and exciting way.


Midtown West

Photograph: John Marcus

The blockbuster 2016 musical by Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson about a woman who excels at creating pies but fails at everything else is returning for a limited run through October 17. Diane Paulus directs with fun and flair.

It’s hard not to compliment the wonderful new musical Waitress with bakery metaphors. Jenna, the pastry chef with relationship issues, is the hero (Jessie Mueller). Like a delicious Mermaid Marshmallow Pie but without the essential components for happiness. Undeterred, I present: Waitress is a delightful mix of sweet and acidic, with supporting characters (Dakin Matthews’ grumpy store owner) and flakiness (Christopher Fitzgerald’s wacky lover of another waitress) cooked to perfection by Diane Paulus. It’s love at first bite for the full dish.


Midtown West

Venue: Ambassador Theatre

Address:219 W 49th St New York

Price :$69–$136.50,

Photograph: Jeremy Daniel

Director Walter Bobbie and choreographer Ann Reinking have brought this John Kander–Fred Ebb–Bob Fosse classic back to life. It tells the story of chorus girl Roxie Hart, who murders her lover and, with the help of a huckster lawyer, becomes a vaudeville sensation as a result of her crime.

This production is presently the longest-running American musical in the history of Broadway, and the cast routinely includes guest celebrities who appear for brief periods of time.


Photograph: John Marcus

Lin-Manuel Miranda transforms the story of Alexander Hamilton from rags to riches into a dazzlingly inventive national sensation by applying 21st-century musical storytelling to the rags-to-Treasury journey of Hamilton.

It’s a success story of the highest order, astounding but also invigorating it’s a source of inspiration. Even if you’ve already watched the filmed version, which is now accessible on Disney+, there’s something special about experiencing this show in person.

5.The Lion King:

Midtown West

Venue: Minskoff Theatre

Address: 200 W 45th St New York

Event phone :866-870-2717

Price: $89–$172,

The lion King
Photograph: John Marcus

Julie Taymor transforms a Disney animation about kings’ innate right to rule into a beautiful celebration of color and movement.

A humble cub is transformed into a Broadway star by Taymor’s ambitious production of the film’s Elton John–Tim Rice score, which incorporates African rhythms and music, as well as beautiful puppetry.

6. Six:

Midtown West

Event website:

Venue: Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Address:256 W 47th St New York

Price: $49–$249

Photograph: John Marcus

Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate a royal wedding? Thrill-seeking Broadway musical Six celebrates the marriage of English dynastic history and contemporary pop music in a raucous approach.

New musical has the six wives of Henry VIII singing their grievances in the guise of a current pop concert, including two Catherines, a Katherine, two Annes and the Jane Seymour who did not appear in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, two Cambridge University students, came up with the concept for the show in 2017, and it soon made its way to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and subsequently the West End. Moss and Jamie Armitage are directing the Broadway adaptation.

7. Chicken & Biscuits:

Midtown West

Venue: Circle in the Square

Address:1633 Broadway New York


Photograph: Courtesy Emilio Madrid

The start of Douglas Lyons’ broad comedy Chicken & Biscuits foreshadows the hilarity to follow. The beloved pastor of a Black church in New Haven has died, and his compassionate son-in-law, Reginald (Norm Lewis), who is also a pastor, is prepared to take his place in the pulpit.

In this new comedy by Douglas Lyons, skeletons start falling out of the casket at the funeral of the father of a bickering African American family.

Zhailon Levingston, who directed the world premiere at Queens Theatre last year—whose run was cut short due to the government shutdown—returns to direct the Broadway transfer, which features Norm Lewis (Porgy and Bess), Michael Urie (Torch Song), Cleo King, NaTasha Yvette Williams, and Devere Rogers among the new cast members.

8. Aladdin

Venue : New Amsterdam Theatre

Address: 214 W 42nd St New York

Price: $69.50–$127.50

Event website:

Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann

The story of a little child, an uncorked spirit, and an aerodynamic rug is the subject of Disney’s latest animated-to-musical effort. Chad Beguelin’s book and Alan Menken’s music have been updated for this new version of the 1992 original soundtrack. James Monroe Iglehart’s bouncy Genie and the flying-carpet F/X are said to be among the show’s attractions.

Tourists and families alike will enjoy Disney’s toon tuner, which is draped in the billowing fabrics of Arabian imagination. Chad Beguelin’s book and Alan Menken’s music have been updated for this new version of the 1992 original soundtrack.

This movie’s titular “street rat” hero is no match for the Genie. There is minimal texture to this carpet, but there are plenty of designs to choose from.

9. Wicked:

Midtown West

Event website

Event Phone: 800-982-2787

Venue: Gershwin Theatre

Address: 222 W 51st St New York

Price: $65–$145,

Photograph: Tristram Kenton

In this musical prelude to The Wizard of Oz, the themes of morality, beauty, and fascism are explored in astonishing depth.

Wicked is a hit because of Winnie Holzman’s funny text and Stephen Schwartz’s pop-inflected music. In addition to Lindsay Pearce as Elphaba, Ginna Claire Mason plays Glinda.

10. Come from Away:

Midtown West

Event website:

Venue: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Address: 236 W 45th St New York 10036

Price: $69–$630

come from away
Photograph: Matthew Murphy

On September 11, 2001, 38 flights and more than 6,000 people were forced to land at Gander Airport in Newfoundland, Canada. The film, Come From Away, tells the tense but humane narrative of this airport. Irene Sankoff and David Hein wrote the book, music, and lyrics.

In the aftermath of 9/11, 38 planes were forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland, where Irene Sankoff and David Hein’s musical portrays a true story. Christopher Ashley’s flowing direction allows 12 players to play a variety of roles in a variety of situations. There are no planes required for this kind of lift; good intentions are all you need.

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