50 Cool & Fun Nighttime Things in New York City

New York

New York, as you may know, never sleeps. Thus, it’s no wonder that NYC has countless fascinating and fun nighttime activities. In this local’s guide, a New Yorker recommends the greatest nighttime activities in NYC.


Many delis and grocery stores are open 24/7, serving New Yorkers and tourists until 3am. As a New Yorker, I enjoy having everything I need right there, especially when I’m hungry late at night or after going out.


New York



Always take the safety precautions


Be aware that while loads of fun is planned, there’s also randomness, since you never know what to expect in NYC, even for 24 hours. New York is one of those cities where you never know what could happen from moment to instant, but that’s why I love it and miss it while I’m away.


New york driving


Take the same safety measures you would in any big city, and if you’re a solo female tourist, read the Nybizlisting.com blog.


Something magnetic about NYC after dark


There’s nothing more magnificent than my city in the daytime, but NYC at night is fascinating. It’s electric! At night in NYC, you can find adventure, fall in love, or test your inner power.

There are no hiding and boundless things to do, see, and hear. New York City is a great place for night owls like me and many others.

The 15 Best Nightclubs in New York City


Nothing is more New York than picking up pizza after a night out and wandering about with the greasy bag, looking for a place to enjoy it. Sometimes you crave diner cuisine, thus NYC has plenty open 24/7. Why is the meal so wonderful at 4am? Dreams!


Let’s start with the top things to do in NYC after dark.


50 Cool & Fun Nighttime Things in New York City



There is little doubt that New York City is home to one of the most prominent jazz scenes in the world, and Birdland is among the most renowned venues in the city. The venue is cozy and close-knit, and it features outstanding Cajun comfort food, delectable beverages, and performances of the highest caliber.


Spend the night at the Natural History Museum.

If you’re interested, check their schedule. As someone who’s done it, I recommend going before tickets sell out. Your cot will be under the whale, the best sleeping place ever.


Museum in nyc

There’s also a buffet with a great dinner in the early evening, followed by displays and shows. Take a flashlight if you’d prefer to be alone. There’s no “can’t” I wish everyone could experience it.


Don’t Tell and Miss

It’s worth the wait to enter this speakeasy. There’s one way in: Crif Dogs (excellent hot dogs!) has a historic phone booth. Once there, you call and are added to the list.

Once you’re ready, go back to the phone booth and a magical door will open. Yes, you can order hot dogs at the bar. You could get in quickly on Monday or Tuesday nights.



Drinks smoke at Sugar Factory

The Lollipop Passion, a fruity cocktail that is garnished with lollipops and candy chains, is regarded to be the establishment’s signature drink. Since the goblets can be served either with or without alcohol, you can still take pleasure in them even if you don’t drink or if you have children in your party.


Drinks smoke at Sugar Factory

The cocktails are really huge and can easily be split among three or four people, so feel free to get together with your friends whenever you like.


Tao Downtown

Until it ceases to exist, you can count on me to continue recommending Tao Downtown (which, hopefully, never happens). It’s beautiful, like being in a secret Asian temple, and the people and food are wonderful.

Given their A-list clientele, you can imagine that their services don’t come cheap, but the results are well worth the investment. The path that leads up to the main dining room is just gorgeous. After dinner, you can head next door to the nightclub for some dancing if you’re still in the mood. Expense is high, but when in Rome, right?


 Tao Downtown

The Tao Group is well-versed in its target demographic and their routines. The article describes the many other ways that the corporation generates profits. Celebrity frequently frequents these establishments because they offer the convenience of dining in close proximity to the nightlife.




Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum overnight stay

In the same sense as the sleepover at the Museum of Natural History, this one is an adventure for the whole family, and it is not only appropriate for children. This aircraft carrier is amazing during the day, but as night falls, it takes on a mystical quality.


Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum overnight stay
Source: https://www.viator.com/


During your time here, you will enjoy unlimited rides in a flight simulator, experience the Space Shuttle Enterprise up close, witness pop-up planetarium displays, and explore a submarine that is 40 feet (12 meters) long.


Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum overnight stay
Source: aviationmuseum.eu


Pay a visit to the Space Shuttle Pavilion and explore the inside of the shuttle while holding a flashlight. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any of the necessary for a night out on the town thanks to the fact that all of your meals, from dinner to breakfast, are provided.


Helicopter ride over NYC’s nighttime lights

Sunset Helicopter Ride NYC. See and photograph New York City’s unique lighting. Book New York at night now!


Helicopter ride over NYC
Source: adrenaline.com


Your New York experience begins by flying over Newark Airport to Manhattan. En way to New York Harbor, you’ll see the lit-up Statue of Liberty and financial district skyscrapers, home to the New York Stock Exchange.


Watch A Broadway Show

When arranging a trip to New York City, it is imperative that you schedule at least one evening to see a performance on Broadway. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to watch one of the all-time greats like The Lion King, Wicked, or Phantom of the Opera, which has been running the longest of any of these shows, but it comes highly recommended.


Photograph: John Marcus


Both the musical Chicago and the musical West Side Story are two of my personal favorites. In addition, if you are a fan of Disney, I highly recommend that you go on this amazing tour, which takes place at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City and gives guests the opportunity to walk behind the scenes and experience the magic of Disney on Broadway.


Enjoy a Concert At Madison Square Garden

Love MSG! Wow! It’s another quintessential New York place that should be visited at least once, whether for a Knicks game or a concert (my favorite).


Enjoy a Concert At Madison Square Garden


Elvis Presley, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Who, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan have played The World’s Most Famous Arena.

They give tours to learn about its history and behind-the-scenes areas. Enjoy the crowds, hot dogs, and fun!



Enjoy the Lincoln Center Ballet.

The breathtaking performances at Lincoln Center have often won over my affection and won’t let go. The Nutcracker is a show that is performed every year, and it is a spectacular event that you should not miss. Nevertheless, regardless of the season or the theme, each and every one of their ballet performances is spectacular.

Enjoy the Lincoln Center Ballet.
Source: lincolncenter.org


They only hire the very best classical dancers from all around the world, and it shows in their performances. If you don’t feel like going to the ballet, there’s always the opera! A wonderful opportunity to appreciate creative work and to feel your spirit soar!


Enjoy Music At Carnegie Hall


The world-famous Carnegie Hall is without a doubt one of the most illustrious venues in the entire globe. If you’re a musician, being able to say that you’ve performed in Carnegie Hall is perhaps one of the highest honors you can receive.


Enjoy Music At Carnegie Hall
Source: nytimes


The music and the venue as a whole both exude an air of elegance and sophistication. This will, in an instant, convert you into a fan of live performances, even if you’ve never been one before.



A Visit To The Library Bar At Hudson Hotel

If you have a deep appreciation for books and traditional libraries, then this bar will provide you with everything that your heart could ever desire. In the Beauty and the Beast olden times library-style setting, the dark wooden furniture, leather sofas, and large mirror on the wall make for the ideal mix to enjoy a drink or two before supper.


Visit Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is the southwest park entrance. This grand memorial space has spots to sit and view the “city that never sleeps.”


 Visit Columbus Circle
Source: theshopsatcolumbuscircle


Columbus Circle is one of four plazas that lead toCentral Park. The wide, circular area was once a horse-drawn vehicle turn. The central monument was built by Sicilian sculptor Gaetano Russo and donated to the City of New York in 1892 by the Italian American community.


Attend A Night Court Session

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind activity to participate in, this might just fit the bill. A night court in New York is open to the general public and runs quick sessions between the hours of 5:00 pm and 1:00 am. Even though the regular court session has ended for the day, some smaller cases will be addressed during those hours, and if you’re interested, you can sit in on those hearings.


River Cruise Dinner


You can choose a party-oriented, no-food, or romantic night cruise.


Bateaux, which leaves from Chelsea Pier, guarantees a fun night. Live music, wonderful food and drinks, and hopefully important talks.


River Cruise Dinner
Source: Time out

There’s also a happy hour sightseeing tour, or you can sail on the Clipper City, New York’s largest sailing vessel, with limitless drinks and live music.


Choose a 2-hour twilight cruise in New York Harbor and sip a glass while admiring Manhattan’s sunset.


From the top of the Rock, watch the Empire State Building.


It is open until midnight every night and has fantastic views of Manhattan, including the Empire State Building when it is festively lit up.


From the top of the Rock, watch the Empire State Building.


Going late in the off-season increases the likelihood that you will have the place to yourself, which can be a mystical experience in and of itself.


Open-Air Movies At Night


Open-Air Movies At Night


Each neighborhood has at least one open-air movie house, some as old as cinema. In the summer, you can see a movie in the park. Monday markets are held in Bryant Park, Astoria Park, McCullen Park in Brooklyn, and New Jersey across the Hudson River. Check times, bring a blanket and popcorn. All set!


Comedy Clubs for Laughs


Many prominent comedians got their start at Gotham Comedy Club and Comedy Cellar. When possible, reserve weekend tickets in advance.


Comedy Clubs for Laughs


New York is the location to do stand-up comedy, and you can find little venues that let newcomers sign up to do their own sketches weekdays. Have fun and laugh!


A Stroll thru Times Square at Night !!


Some people think it’s corny, but I think it’s amazing and totally rocks! Times Square is one of those iconic locations that even those who aren’t from New York City are familiar with thanks to countless films and television shows featuring the city. It’s the Big Apple!


A Stroll thru Times Square at Night !!


It is constantly congested, packed to the brim with tourists, and chaotic; yet, at night, it is lit up more than it often is!


Why not join in on the fun, snap some pictures of yourself sitting on the more recent iconic stairs, and just be yourself? It’s the kind of environment where you can just let yourself be happy and enjoy the present moment.


Madame Tussauds NYC


Marie Tussaud was originally called Marie Grosholtz when she was born in Strasbourg, France in 1761. Her mother was a housekeeper for the Swiss doctor and wax modeler Dr. Philippe Curtius in Bern. It was Curtius who guided Tussaud in the techniques of wax sculpture.


Source: Ruebarue.com


Even though it’s true that if you’re short on time, you should avoid Times Square, if you’re looking for a fun midnight adventure where you can take pictures with wax versions of your favorite celebs, Madame Tussauds is the place to go.


Blue Man Group


The theatrical plays that Blue Man Group is renowned for are noted for incorporating a wide variety of music and art, including well-known as well as lesser-known forms. The Blue Men are a group of performers who are recognized for having their skin painted blue. They never speak while they are on stage and always appear in groups of three.


Blue Man Group
Source: Time Out


It is participatory, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to join the action on stage! In either case, I can assure you that it is much more than simply three bald dudes covered in blue paint. If you enjoy making music, particularly playing percussion instruments, you will most likely adore it.


Thursdays at the Tenement Museum


This is also a research facility of mine. You can take a late after-dinner tour on Thursdays because the Tenement Museum is open until 10:30 p.m. You can blend your love of cuisine with a history lesson on how immigrants formerly lived and breathed in extremely cramped quarters at this Lower East Side location, which is bordered by eateries and laid-back pubs. The information you learn may surprise you.


Free MoMA nights

When you have to spend your hard-earned money on many museum entries, it can be stressful at times. This is especially true in New York, where the admission costs are not inexpensive and can quickly add up to a sizeable amount of money. MoMA is similar to other museums in that it offers free admission on certain days of the week or during specific times of the day.


Free MoMA nights
Source: moma.org


Fridays from 5:30-9pm are free. Crowds are there because everyone wants to get in, but if you come early, you can typically get in without waiting too long. Worth it!

Russian And Turkish Baths


These baths in the East Village are accessible every day until 10 o’clock in the evening, allowing you to have a relaxing soak in a steaming hot tub after the sun has set. Take as much time as you need, and while you’re there, make sure to check out the pools and saunas before they close.

Russian And Turkish Baths
Source: Business Insider

The weekdays are the best time to go since they offer relaxation, which is exactly what you need after a full day of working or walking.


Polynesian Dinner and Drink


In spite of its proximity to Times Square, that is a popular tourist destination, this is a genuine hidden gem. Despite the fact that you are in the middle of the City, the Polynesian environment and the pina coladas will make you feel as though you are on vacation in a tropical location.


Polynesian Dinner and Drink


Their rooftop bar is large and group friendly. Their plants help muffle the car honking and loud shouting that are common in NYC, especially around Times Square.


Try many iconic pizza places in NYC


New York pizza is great. Online pizza delivery makes getting pizza easy. Enjoy New York with a variety of pizza.


The Best Pizza Places in New York City, NYC

If that’s not enjoyable, I don’t know what is. You’ll want to try as many legendary NYC pizza establishments as possible on a pizza tour. You’ll need help unless you can feed four.


We recommend visiting many boroughs. Start with Artichoke Pizza’s big slices. After Lombardi’s, visit Brooklyn or Astoria. Roberta’s in Brooklyn and/or Milkflower in Queens.


Participate In A Sing-Along At A Piano Bar


I would highly recommend that you give The Village, which is one of my favorite areas, some thought if you are a fan of musicals or just enjoy singing along in general.


I think you’ll enjoy either “The Monster” or “Marie’s Crisis.” Actually, they are only a couple of blocks away from one another, so if you want to, you may visit both in the course of the same evening.



Go to Joe’s Pub To See A Performance


The Public Theater’s Joe’s Pub is a location in NYC that I absolutely adore. It is a part of their schedule. In order to see who is performing, I personally enjoy checking their calendars. When Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca performed there, I had an amazing night. I still get chills when I recall that evening as a flamenco enthusiast.


The best thing, btw, is that by attending shows at the public Theater, an independent, non-profit music venue committed to assisting performers at all stages of their careers, you are supporting both established and up-and-coming musicians.


Enjoy Rooftop Bar


There are a lot of amazing rooftop bars in New York City, but there’s never enough time to visit them all. There are moments when it is simply difficult to choose. For me, some of the best restaurants in the area are 230 Fifth Avenue, Top of the Strand, Refinery, Arlo Rooftop, Mr. Purple, and Magic Hour. The list could go on and on.


A Rooftop Bar Visit
Source: nytimes.com


To put it simply, one of my favorite things to do in New York City is to seek out the most beautiful vistas while enjoying a tasty drink. Instructions: Take a drink and take in the scenery!


The Coolest Things Should Do in New York City


Happiness is warranted. The Covid-19 travel ban has been lifted, allowing passengers from 33 nations to enter the U.S. (most of Europe).


Despite its struggles, the city boasts many fresh cultural offerings. After nearly two years, New York City is eager to welcome you back with world-class art, theater, and more.


Our team has gathered five must-see fall and winter activities in New York City.


Check out SUMMIT One Vanderbilt for some fresh air

Attractions, Sightseeing
Midtown East

Photograph: Courtesy Summit One Vanderbilt


SUMMIT One Vanderbilt’s (indoor) observation deck offers a spectacular view of NYC. It’s the city’s fourth-tallest building, after One WTC, Central Park Tower, and 111 West 57th Street.


Rockefeller Center’s 91st floor is 1,000 feet above Manhattan. Kenzo Digital’s “Air” infinity chamber continually repeats the sky and cityscapes, creating the feeling of walking through space. On the third level, visitors are presented to “Levitation,” a collection of translucent glass sky-boxes 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue.


The street is separated by thin glass. Guests can take the 1,210-foot “Ascent” glass elevator (and 120 feet off the observation deck, which is taller than Edge at Hudson Yards). On this trip, our knees crumbled.


Summit One Vanderbilt has an all-day après-style cafe and bar, an art gallery with Yayoi Kusama’s “Clouds” exhibit, and an outdoor terrace bar.


Contact Info:

Address: 45 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017
E-mail: hello@summitov.com
Website: summitov.com

Be Inspired by Drift : Fragile Future

Midtown West

Fragile Future
Photograph : Dario Lasagni, courtesy The Shed


Immersive art show is thought-provoking. See DRIFT’s “Fragile Future” at The Shed in Hudson Yards.


“Coded Coincidence” follows the flight pattern of elm seeds each spring. “Ego,” a giant block constructed of hair-thin lighted threads, transforms in mid-air. “Drifters” employs projected films to represent a portal to another planet with floating concrete blocks in NYC.


Daily multi-sensory displays in the Shed’s galleries promote nature connection.


DRIFT’s “Fragile Future” explores the common need for origin, destination, and connection, as well as the power in giving control when accepting change.


In “Drifters,” concrete blocks wander across lush nature and catastrophic urban settings. The Shed’s four-story, 17,000-square-foot McCourt space will host fantastical immersive performances.


Contact Info:

Address: 545 West 30th Street, Between 10th and 11th Avenues
Phone : (646) 455-3494
E-mail: info@theshed.org
Website: theshed.org



 Christian Dior : Designer of Dreams

Museums, Fashion and costume
Brooklyn, NYC

Christian Dior : Designer of Dreams
Photograph: Delia Barth


This year, the Brooklyn Museum has a Dior by the House of Dior exhibit, competing with The Met’s Costume Institute.


“From “The Story of Silk” (1934) to “Of Men Only” (1976) to “Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion (2019)” and now “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams,” the Brooklyn Museum has honored major fashion design accomplishments. Each case demonstrates fashion’s potential to affect visual culture “Matthew Yokobosky, a Brooklyn Museum curator, states


The Brooklyn Museum’s Dior display is worth a visit. Florence Müller, Denver Art Museum’s Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art and Fashion, co-curates.


The multi-gallery exhibit includes flowers, nature, classical, and modern art. 200 haute couture garments, photos, films, sketches, vintage perfume ingredients, and accessories are on display.


Contact Info:
Address: 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052
Phone : +1 718-638-5000
E-mail: information@brooklynmuseum.org
Website: www.brooklynmuseum.org

 Get amazed at Speakeasy Magick

Theater, Circuses & magic, Chelsea
New York, NY

Get amazed at Speakeasy Magick
Photograph: Courtesy Stevan Keane


Todd Robbins (Play Dead) mixes technical know-how, humor, and theatrics. Alex Boyce, Jason Suran, Mark Calabrese, and Matthew Holtzclaw perform close-up magic at his NYC soirees.


A temporary stage features short performances. Matthew Holtzclaw and Alex Boyce opened the show with a cigarette and a drink. Close-up magic is awe-inspiring.


Singapore-born Prakash and tattooed card sharp Mark Calabrese both incorporate cell phones into their shows. If one performer flops, it doesn’t matter for the presentation. Soon, a new magician will perform.


Contact Info:
Address: 530 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 904-1880
E-mail: info@sleepnomorenyc.com
Website: mckittrickhotel.com

 Get tickets to Hadestown

Theater, Musicals
Midtown West

Get tickets to Hadestown
Photograph: Courtesy Matthew Murphy


HADESTOWN weaves together two myths: Orpheus and Eurydice and King Hades and Persephone. Mitchell’s alluring melodies and Chavkin’s creative imagination pit industry against nature, doubt against faith, and fear against love. HADESTOWN features great actors, dancers, and singers.


Anas Mitchell’s Hadestown is must-see. The narrative of Orpheus and Eurydice from ancient Greece appears to be recounted here. Mitchell’s innovative soundtrack and Rachel Chavkin’s vibrant staging revive a stale story. Theater critic Adam Feldman.


Contact Info:
Address: 219 W 48th St (Between Broadway and 8th Ave), New York 10036
Phone: 866-302-0995, 800-745-3000
Website: www.hadestown.com


Cool Things To Do At Night At Brooklyn

House Of Yes

Do you want to get your groove on? Then, your next destination should be the House of Yes! A one-of-a-kind place for entertainment that welcomes amateur dancers, artists, and anybody else interested in attending a night filled with excitement.


House Of Yes


It is not for those who are easily frightened because there are many nights that can easily grow more and more scandalous as the night draws on… a word of caution, but despite that, you’re going to have a great day (in my opinion).


Dine in while you watch a movie at Nitehawk


Williamsburg’s The Nitehawk is a perfect spot to combine two great passions: food and movies. They usually screen independent and vintage horror films with the quite bizarre.


Dine in while you watch a movie at Nitehawk
Source: Club Street

While watching the big screen, you can savor a tasty burger while relaxing. Additionally, they conduct midnight showings, and their brunch seating frequently includes films from the 1980s. A showing of the amusing cult movie “The Room” should be anticipated.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Walk


Brooklyn Bridge Park Walk
Source: triptins.com

If you get up early enough on New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, you might be able to see some fireworks from this particular vantage point! Aside from that, it’s just a beautiful night walk, during which you can see the entire city lighted up in all of its splendor, shining brighter than the stars in the sky.


Dinner At the River Café

The River Café is THE destination for a supper that will go down in history as the most romantic meal ever. It comes with a pre-fixed menu, and you should anticipate spending an average of roughly $400 on dinner for two, but it is well worth the money.


Dinner At the River Café
Source: nycgo.com


Because of the location’s proximity to the water, guests can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.


Brooklyn Bowl


Brooklyn Bowl

Who doesn’t like bowling? Brooklyn Bowl is not your typical bowling alley, so don’t be surprised if it’s not your all-time favorite. Throughout the week, there will be a different set of performers performing live music for you to enjoy while you dance the night away. On the weekends, it has the atmosphere of a party place and offers a wide variety of activities in addition to bowling for its customers.


Watch The Sunset from The East River State Park


Williamsburg is a vibrant neighborhood, and as a result, it is an excellent place to spend the night. Watching the sun go down while taking in the magnificent view of Manhattan’s skyline is a great way to get the evening started on a more peaceful and romantic note. It is stunningly gorgeous, and afterwards, you can easily wind down with some drinks at the Williamsburg Hotel.


Cool Things To Do At Night At Queens

Trivia Night


People are encouraged to talk to strangers and establish new friends at practically all of Queens’s neighborhood bars. This is because Queens is an extremely neighbor-friendly borough, so it seems sense that people would feel comfortable doing so there. A good many of them host entertaining weekly trivia nights, which encourage people to work together in groups and occasionally even among total strangers.


Trivia Night
Source: Time out

On Tuesday evenings, you can generally find me at Queens Room, which is located on Astoria Ditmars Boulevard. I always enjoy the different types of trivia, and there is a wonderful crowd here.

Sip And Paint Event


This leisure can be participated in at a variety of sites spread across the city; however, the Queens version of The Paint Place is one of my very favorites.


Sip And Paint Event
Source: pinotandpicasso.com.au

It is more personal than some of the events that are held in the city, and you are welcome to bring a bottle of inexpensive wine with you as you work on honing your creative abilities by replicating a painting, which you can then proudly display in your living room when you get it back home.


Drinks On The Rooftop Of Luna Bistro


This location is almost impossible to find because it is on the top floor of a building that is situated on Steinway Street. The building would be simple to miss if it weren’t for the dazzling lights that occasionally emanate from the rooftop of the location.


Drinks On The Rooftop Of Luna Bistro
Source: opentable.com

They provide Asian fusion food, which is delicious, and when the weather is nice, you can have your drink outside and enjoy the atmosphere. Excellent location for get-togethers with a group of people.

Late Night Ice Cream At Ample Hill


It’s impossible to say that a neighborhood is fully developed if it doesn’t include at least one ice cream shop where you can indulge in late-night treats like salted caramel or Mexican chocolate. It is delicious, and it is unrivaled; there is no need for any other commentary!

Play Pool


Break Bar and Billiards on Broadway is one of the most well-known spots in all of Astoria for playing pool and air hockey, and it is one of the many establishments that provide these games. It’s not too expensive, and you can enjoy a couple beers even if you’re paying attention to the action on the screen.

Music Night At Sweet Afton


It’s one of the most famous bars in Astoria, and the monthly jazz music night is what brings enormous people into the somewhat intimate yet aesthetically pleasing area.


music night
Source: UrbanDaddy

The food is excellent, but most people come here for the cocktails that are hand-crafted. If you are more in the mood for traditional beverages, the bartenders are also well-versed in how to prepare them to perfection.


Cool Things To Do At Night At Bronx

Mausoleum Moonlight Visit At Woodlawn Cemetery

Mausoleum Moonlight Visit At Woodlawn Cemetery
Source: Pinterest


During this tour, which is one of their most popular offerings, you will have the opportunity to visit the stunning mausoleums lit up at night at the cemetery. The tour begins before 8 o’clock in the evening and combines amazing insight with a bit of creepiness due to the fact that it takes place at night. I, however, is unable to think of a more enjoyable method to explore the city’s most well-known cemetery.

Orchird Nights At Botanical Garden


The Botanical Gardens host a variety of events and activities throughout the year, but the orchid nights that take place every spring are particularly educational and breathtaking.


NYBG’s Orchid show runs starting February 26 through May 1, 2022.


Orchird Nights At Botanical Garden
Source: Timeout


It is such a refined event, with music, food, and drinks, which are the ideal complement to discovering the natural habitat in which the orchids are found. The array of hues creates an arresting visual effect.


Cool Things To Do At Night At Staten Island

RollerJam US

RollerJam US
Source: Timeout

Let’s go back in time and reimagine the rollerblading culture that exists at this location in Staten Island. They provide nightly DJ sessions for adults, during which they can cruise about and listen to their favorite music, while the lighting and décor give the impression that you have traveled back in time several decades. It is a lot of fun!

Exclusive Wine Tasting At Vino Di Vino


Exclusive Wine Tasting At Vino Di Vino
Source: vinodivino.com/


The Vino di Vino Winery is a fun destination on Staten Island that not only hosts wine tastings on Friday nights, but they also have their very own school of wine, where visitors can learn how to manufacture their own wine and barrel it in their very own facility. That is really incredible, right?


Ride The Staten Island Ferry At Night


You’ve actually heard that taking the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan is a fantastic way to see the city without spending any money. And that holds true even after dark.

Ride The Staten Island Ferry At Night
Source: Timeout


This is a great way to see New York’s lights, panoramic views, and Lady Liberty without spending a dime.


The Ferry runs 24/7, however it’s less frequent after work hours, on weekends, and holidays. Check its timetable.

If you want to do something on Staten Island other than take the ferry, I recommend Little Sri Lanka, a short subway trip or 15-minute walk from the ferry.

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