15 Best Real Estate Companies in New York, NYC

15 Best Real Estate Companies in New York, NYC

Whether you are looking for land or a readymade house to live in New York, or even if you need to sell your land or house, you should consider 15 top Real Estate Companies or Agencies in New York. They are reviewed by their clients both offline and online.  They are working for years with reputation and pride. They provide the best services to you.


List of 15 Best Real Estate Companies in New York 


1. Byson Real Estate Co.

Byson Real Estate Co.

Looking for open communication and transparency with an approach that increases the mutual trust necessary to dive into the real estate market together? Byson Real Estate Co is one of the most famous real estate agencies which is committed to providing you’re the most trustable service. No matter if you’re a first-time homebuyer, investor, or even a recent graduate, their experienced team will assist you in this regard. Read More


2. Bond New York Real Estate

Bond New York Real Estate

Seeking an experienced company with proper real estate marketing knowledge and multiple languages speaking agents? Bond New York Real Estate agency should be considered to some extent. They have agents speaking in 22 different languages. Even they provide the most comprehensive agent training program in New York City. Read More


3. Elika Real Estate

Elika Real Estate

If you need advice and counselling for the entire buying process, Elika Real Estate, a decade-old famous real estate company, is waiting for you in New York City. Finding the perfect home or investment property for you is the ultimate goal of the company. With excellent service and proven result, they can be your great assistance if you plan for buying or selling a home. Read More


4. Mont Sky Real Estate

Mont Sky Real Estate

You want to purchase or sell your first property or your tenth? Mont Sky Real Estate, one of the best real estate agency in NYC, is always ready for you with a free home evaluation, to start a search or a private consultation for you even if you have a specific real estate need. Read More


5. REAL New York

REAL New York

With a great mission to save your valuable time while buying or selling your property, REAL New York, a famous real estate company in NYC, can be a great option for you. Some real people with real expertise equipped with complete knowledge of the real estate market are waiting for you with more than 1,000 exclusive Real listings. Read More


6. LG Fairmont Real Estate


LG Fairmont Real Estate

LG Fairmont is one of the oldest real estate agencies in NYC which has over 1 Billion sales volume and has already helped 150000 home buyers with lead generation. They are assisting people in NYC for over a decade. They will make custom software to help their respectable clients – from buyers to individual listings, developers and landlord. Read More


7. Alpha Properties


Alpha Properties


Seeking help from a reputable Manhattan brokerage firm, Alpha Properties, one of the oldest and most famous real estate companies in NYC, must be your first choice. With the experience of trust and solid work of two and half decades, the company has been successfully providing its clients with the services like property management for rental apartment buildings, cooperatives and condominiums in New York. Read More



8. Native Real Estate


Native Real Estate


If you look for a fresh company for buying and selling your property but with good customer reviews, Native Real Estate can be considered to some extent. The company generates great results every time with determination and diligence with their teamwork for the clients. The famous real estate company is highly experienced in building connections and creating strong local bonds through experience and knowledge. Read More


9. Batra Group Real Estate


Batra Group Real Estate

Looking for real-time data, powerful marketing and specialized guidance for the real estate market? Batra Group is one of the best real estate agencies in New York which will fulfil your above-mentioned demand. Most importantly, it is a big firm with more capabilities and expertise in the real estate field.  Read More


10. NY Rent Own Sell


NY Rent Own Sell

NY Rent Own Sell is a popular apartment rental agency that is committed to arranging exemplary service in a quality home environment for the clients or the residents of NYC. Read More


11. R.E.M. Residential

R.E.M. Residential

If you need free consultation to improve the RIO of your asset, you can consider R.E.M. Residential, a famous real estate company in New York.  The company aims at providing clients and tenants with the best and satisfactory service in multiple locations in NYC. Read More


12. Brick & Mortar



Another NYC’s best real estate agency is Brick & Mortar. The company is unique as their agents are vigilantly chosen for experience, personality and reliability to support the clients going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. The company aims at bringing the best quality to the process. Read More


13. MTY Group

MTY Group

If you seek for online property searching platform and real estate information for clients from all over the world, MTY Group can be the best option for you. It is an international company in NYC. They have a dynamic team who closed over 6,000 residential deals in New York City and has already established a strong dominance both in the United States and Asia. Read More


14. Hauseit


Looking for a real estate company that has already sold and bought $1000000000+ property both from buyers and sellers? Hauseit is the real estate company with that figure and they have 1000+ happy customers saving their millions of dollars through the reduced commission services. They provide the client with the best service in all five areas of NYC as well as the Hudson Valley and Long Island. Read More


15. The Glazer Team

The Glazer Team

Coming with a decade of experience in the real estate market, the Glazer Team is one of the best real estate agencies in NYC. It is powered by The Corcoran Group and it is completely customer-centered.  Analyzing and providing detailed data of industry, and market analyses, the company provides the clients with the best cost-effective service.  It has already sold over $400M worth of real estate property. Read More


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